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WHEN the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge formally open The FA National Football Centre at St. George’s Park in Staffordshire today (October 9th) it will mark the hard work of head groundsman Alan Ferguson and his 12 staff to get 12 pitches to a peak level of perfection.

Set in National Forest, the site covers 330 acres and includes two hotels, a sports science facility and FA offices. The 12 pitches include 10 natural and two synthetic . . . and the synthetic indoor facility is the largest in the UK.

Alan, formerly Head Groundsman of Ipswich Town FC, has masterminded the three stages of development -construction, operational and completion.

“It has been an enormous project to co-ordinate all of the grass areas as well as the utilities, floodlighting and irrigation but we have come through the construction side and are now in the operational phase,” says Alan.

St. Georges Park is unique in that it offers four different pitch profiles; a Desso GrassMaster (grass plus artificial fibres), plus four fibresand, five natural turf and two 3G synthetic surfaces.

“Since the initial renovation the pitches have not been affected particularly by the poor weather as they are well constructed and well-drained,” says Alan. “The worst areas are the surroundings which have been too wet to fully landscape.” To make the project run smoothly Alan targeted specific companies and suppliers to work with. These companies were cor reliability, back-up support and expertise.
Kate and wills arrived in style by helicopter, and met the England foot all squad before opening the stadium, they then enjoyed an historical match on the new pitch. Kate wore a beautiful grey coat from one of her favourite stores reiss.

In just over three months’ time a new law comes into force which will
prevent insurance companies from pricing premiums based on gender. This is
likely to mean higher car insurance premiums for young women, but new
research reveals the majority of those who will be most affected by thhe
change are completely unaware of it.

The EU Gender Directive becomes law on 21st December. Diamond, a specialist
in car insurance for women, surveyed 1,000 women motorists aged under 30
about the Directive, and found that many of them don’t realise how much it
will affect them.

More than half (51%) of those surveyed were unaware of the Directive at all.
When asked when they thought the Directive was coming into force only 16%
correctly knew that it was later this year.. More than a third (36%) thought
it was already the law with 16% saying they thought it came in last year and
20% that it came in earlier this year.

Dave Halliday, Diamond managing director, said: “The EU announced it was
changing the law regarding gender back in March 2011, which might explain
why so many women think it is already in place. However insurance companies
have been given until December this year to make the necessary changes to
how they price premiums.

“Unfortunately the change is likely to result in higher insurance premiums
for young women. This is because from a risk point of view women will have
to be treated the same as men, and young men in particular have the worst
driving record and are the highest risk. Young women, particularly those
aged under 22 should be aware that their premiums will probably be higher
when they come to get insurance from 21st December onwards.”

Years of data clearly shows that young men have a far worse driving record
than young women. Diamond’s own statistics show men under 21 are four times
more likely to have a dangerous driving conviction than women the same age,
and the cost of the accidents they have is worse, on average accidents
involving men under 21 cost 48% more than those involving women under 21.

Despite the EU’s assertion that men and women are the same, Diamond asked
the women surveyed their thoughts on the issue. 72% said they believe men
and women drive differently, while a massive 83% believe men and women think
differently. Not surprisingly only 7% of them believe men are safer drivers
compared with 56% who think women are safer. 37% believe they are the same.

It’s  Beard Week 2012 and with a growing popularity among celebrities who wouldn’t want one.

‘It is a man’s duty to attempt to grow a beard at some point in his life. One might say, that to most young men it is the sign of becoming a man. To middle-aged men it is a sign that he is in control of his appearance or perhaps sometimes, a beard is born out of plain laziness.”

These are the words of Ken Picton’s Senior Stylist and Prynhawn Da presenter Daffyd Rhys , here are his top tips to grow and maintain the perfect beard.

Growing Your Beard
 If you’ve made a decision to grow a beard, the most important thing is to be
confident in your decision to grow a beard. Don’t let other people’s
personal opinions change your decision. The best time to start growing a
beard is on holiday or the week before. This will give your beard the chance
to develop enough growth so that when you return to work it will look
substantial. It will take approximately four weeks for your beard to start
to take shape. Please refrain from attempting to shape your beard before 4
weeks, even if you are only going for a goatee or handlebars as this may
result in you shaving off a little too much.
Shaping Your Beard
 Once you have grown your beard to a reasonable thickness and length, it is
time to start the exciting part of finally shaping your beard. The best
place to start is the neckline; using any good neck trimmer from the
high-street, start shaping the neckline at your desired perimeter. Do not
shape the beard at the cheekbones as this will create an unwanted almost
cartoon-like effect. Most good beard trimmers will have a grade setting.
This will be your best friend when trimming your beard. Start short at the
beard line and work your way up to thicker/longer areas.
 Although the skin is covered with hair, you must take care and remember to
look after this area with your chosen cleansing and moisturizing products.
Remember to shampoo your beard. Some shampoos will include exfoliating
beards, such as a Mens Exfoliating Shampoo and this will aid in getting
rid of dead skin cells that are stuck around the root of your hair and that
may cause irritation. Why not also try a Mens Mint Shampoo, which
will invigorate your skin and give a great tingling sensation in the
morning. If you do not normally use a conditioner on your hair it may be
worth applying a small amount on a twice weekly, daily basis as the texture
of your beard may be coarser than that of your hair.

Last but not least, try to set yourself a 6-8 week target. This should stop
you getting tempted to shave it off and will give your beard a chance to
develop to its full potential.’

With a growing popularity amongst many celebrities such as David Beckham, George Clooney and Robert Pattinson, it has never been so on-trend to grow your beard, and wear it proud. With names like these coering their chiseled chins, who wouldn’t want one?
Good luck and happy bearding!

Today marks the three-year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s untimely death on 25th June 2009. 

 Michael Jackson,  made contributions to music and dance, that is still to this day unmatched by anybody. referred to as the King of Pop, or by his initials MJ, Jackson is recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time by Guinness World Records.   Jackson’s talent and constant headline hitting life, made him a global figure in popular culture for over four decades.

Michael Jackson’s  life was not without controversy, with the most remembered headline hitting moments, of child abuse allegations, to which Jackson was never convicted of and was even acquitted in a much publicised and televised court case, that lasted five months, back in 2005.  Jackson was famed for his ever-changing facial features, that were thought to be the result of many cosmetic surgery procedures, although always denied my Michael himself. But it is the music and the dancing that the entertainment legend will always be remembered for above all else in his life.  The seventh child of the Jackson family, he debuted on the professional music scene along with his brothers as a member of The Jackson 5 in 1964, and he began his solo career in 1971 .  Jackson’s 1982 album Thriller is the best-selling album of all time,  His other records, including his 1979 album,  Off the Wall,  Bad, which was released in 1987, and his latter albums , Dangerous and HIStory which were released between 1991 and 1995, also ranked among the world’s best-selling, not only is  Jackson is one of the very few artists to have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, he was also inducted into the Dance Hall of Fame as the first and  only dancer from the world of pop and rock ‘n’ roll.   Micheal’s achievements, surpass that of any other, within the entertainment industry, with multiple Guinness World Records, 13 Grammy Awards, as well as, of course, the Grammy Legend Award and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.  26 American Music Awards, which is a record in its self, as the most won but any single artist ever, including the  Artist of the Century and  Artist of the ’80s awards.

MJ, who was 50 years old when he died, after overdosing on a drug called anesthesia propofol  is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest-earning deceased artist,  He also holds the record for the longest span of US top 40 singles.

Micheal’s Children have been paying respect to their father today with his only daughter Paris Jackson, tweeting

“RIP Michael Jackson..Dad you will forever be in my heart,” she wrote. “I love you.”

Paris was just 11 when Jackson died. Michael Jackson has three children,  Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, commonly known as Prince, who was born on February 13, 1997, his sister Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson was born a year later on April 3, 1998, and in 2002 his third and last child Prince Michael Jackson II, who is nicknamed “Blanket” was born. Michael’s first two children ar as a result of his marriage to long-term friend, and dermatology nurse

Michael Jackson & Deborah Rowe

Deborah Jeanne Rowe, The couple married in 1996 in Australia, but later divorced after both children were born, with Jackson gaining full custody of both of their children.

The identity of Blankets mother is still unknown, but Jackson did reveal that the child was the result of artificial insemination from a surrogate mother and himself.

Michael Jackson had finished another gruelling day of rehearsals, for his up and coming and FINAL arena show, consisting of fifty dates, at the London O2 arena, The ‘THIS IS IT’ show was never to be seen by the public.  Michael Jackson’s name will, it seems forever live on, and be known by generations to come, only because of the pure genius of his music, and groundbreaking dance abilities, his absolute flawless showmanship whilst he was on the stage, and of course his essentricity, that gripped the world to his every move of his life. He brought us the moonwalk, the instantly recognisable red and black leather jackets, the superspeed spin, and the glittery glove,  



Sataloma News introducing New UK Hip Hop Artist Halo, AKA the H-Bomb.

Halo is a New Uk rapper, working hard at his craft, and the local buzz surrounding him and his music is incredible.  Halo has released a mixtape, Titled NEARLY SO FAR, in the lead up to the release of his first album, a project that he is funding himself. Talking to 27-year-old Halo  he tells us .

“I have quite a few musical influences, mainly Killah Priest, Guru (from Gangstarr), J Sands, Talib Kweli, LL Cool J, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Common and others”

..The list goes on, but Halo has taken to the mic with a style and personality of his own. We spoke to Halo, asking him how the mixtape came to be a project of its own, ”

 The mixtape was mainly off shoots of other projects and random one-off songs I did on the side, while working on my album” talking of his influences he goes on to say……”I Just got influenced by everything around me as I went”.

Hailing from the East of England, Halo has surrounded himself with the cream of the crop of producers, and DJ’s all making a name for themselves in the area, and a dream team is definitely appearing, with collaborations from J Dubble, Lexus (one half of  De’vide) and Remedy on the tape.  On the 6th track of the mixtape ‘Spit Thunder’ Halo’s lyrics claims that the Lord gave him the power to speak and with his words he will Devour the Weak’  We think that this artist will be doing just that. mostly a heavy hip hop sound, with a few lighter track thrown in for good measure, there is something in there for any hip hop lover.

To hear more tracks from Halo’s mixtape visit his soundcloud page will be performing soon at Trinity Park in Ipswich for more details leave a comment below and we will bring you all the official dates as soon as they are announced

Earlier this year, Halo featured on Sataloma Tv, with another track ‘Give Me Your Love’  here’s the Video


Elle Magazine is famous for gracing it’s cover, with the most beautiful and talented women of the world, but this months issue of the Magazine, has its first ever Cover ‘Boy’.

Causing a countrywide swoon fest, David Beckham is looking more handsome than ever on the cover of Elle Magazine UK. David Beckham Shows off his tattoo’s and athletically toned body in a fabulous blue tone, and black and white pictorial of the Galaxy FC Football player.  Like fine wine Beckham seems to get better with age, and we think he has never looked better.  If Beckham isn’t your usual cup of tea ladies, it would still be difficult to turn your head away from these pictures.

The footballer, father of four and national heart throb graces ELLE’s July 2012 cover in a first for the magazine, their first ever ELLE Cover-Man.   Inside the magazine is the full pictorial, along with an interview, where Beckham opens up about his wife, his children, and what is it like to be the most famous sportsman on the planet.

When asked how he would describe himself he answered bashfully, saying

‘How would I sum myself up? I don’t know, I prefer other people to do that,’ he says. ‘Erm… a little bit shy.’

ELLE made publishing history featuring Beckham as their first solo male cover star in anticipation of the 2012 Olympic games.  David Beckham as been an ambassador of the London Olympics games 2012 since the very beginning, and was paramount in putting together the bid along with Sir Sebastian Coe.   ELLE Editor in Chief Lorraine Candy said.

‘He is an icon and Elle is known for featuring icons on its cover. This is a first for us on the newsstand and I believe he is loved by men and women alike.’  ‘Anyway, who doesn’t want to see a picture of one of the world’s most handsome men on the front cover of a magazine? It will be a collector’s issue.’

And who are we to argue with that.

There is a new girl group in town and they go by the name of Empress.


Four young women from the UK, have been chosen after a nationwide search, from Ultimate Music Management.  These ladies clearly stood out from the crowd , against the other hopefuls that auditioned to be part of this exciting new project. Empress are an urban girl group made up of 4 talented singers & dancers. They officially became a group in  may 2012. They are all 18 years-old, hungry for success, and are literally soaked in talent.  The group is made up of Monica, Vee, Desthy and Elys.

In an Exclusive interview with Sataloma News, we find out just what the girls have been up to since coming together as a group,  and find out a bit more about the girls themselves, and the  music they are creating.

Congratulations on becoming Empress, just how excited are you about the future?

M- SO excited it’s all very new and fresh but were literally so excited for the what the future holds for us D-Yes I’m very excited! I mean, this is once in a lifetime opportunity, we have a great management team that’s supporting and helping us throughout the entire journey, its been a great start for the group, I hope this will continue and bring us a great, bright future ahead of us!

So tell us a little bit about yourselves as individuals, ?

I’ am Elyse, I am 18 and I am from Bolton, I’m Persian and a libra. I’m the sort of person who seems shy at first but can’t shut me up once you know me.

I am Monica, im 18, and grew up in  Aylesbury, I am Italian & greek,  and I am a Scorpio. Before Empress I was a solo singer/songwriter and club promoter.

My name is Desthy, everyone calls me Dee. I’m 18, and a Capricorn. I was born in Jakarta, in Indonesia, but now live in Milton Keynes. I started dancing when I was 6, as a  ballroom dancer, but my main passion is really hip hop,  I joined my first class of hip hop at 9 I haven’t stopped dancing & singing since.

Hi,  I’m Veneisha but im known as Vee. I am 18 years old and I’m from London I am a Scorpio, my parents are from Barbados and Jamaica, and im a trained dancer, and studied performing arts.

You are all 18 years old, is music, what you have all, always wanted to do?

M– Yeah its something I have  wanted since I was like 4, I just knew from then, that I wanted to entertain people. The spice girls started it for me.    E-Music has always been a part of my life you only have to look at footage from my “family video camera” , it is  full of tapes of myself, forcing my brother to hold the camera while I wore wigs and pretend to be on MTV.    D-Music is like air to me, sounds a little cheesy but I literally cannot live without it.  My life has always revolved around music, from old-school  RnB and gospel to hip hop, those are my favourite types of music. I started singing when I was 9, I love performing.    V-From the age of five , I was always entering into talent shows, I would always make up dance routines and sing in front of my family. This has been something I wanted from a very young age.

Are you all getting along well?   M-We get on really well, me,  Vee and Desthy hit off straight away in the first auditions, then Elyse came in and completed us. Were like sisters already!   V-Yeah, me Monica and Desthy clicked throughout the audition process, then when we found Elyse it just felt right. We have four very different personalities and we couldn’t have found a better fit.  It’s like a sisterhood already.

Hows music coming along?   M-Its coming along really well, we have worked with different producers, and have even just started working on a garage track with a real summer vibe. E- At the moment were just playing around with sounds to create something totally unique to create Empress’s sound.

Who are your biggest musical influences?     D-Michael Jackson  and Beyonce M-Drake, Rihanna, J-cole, J.lo & of course Beyoncé she is just so talented!  E-I have a huge mixture of influences ranging from rock such as Nirvana and  Queen, Motown music like Aretha Franklin, to current artists, like Beyonce and Rihanna V– Beyonce has always been my main influence. She has inspired me in many ways as a woman and a performer. Also Rihanna, as she’s from Barbados like myself . She’s made it from a small island, to world-wide musical domination.

Can we hear these influences in the music that you are making right now?    D: Our music influences are hip hop and RnB, but we will definitely make a variety of music, try all genres. I think its important to try a few different paths, to see what works. The garage track that we’re working on at the moment is very summery vibe, we tried to bring the 90’ to 2012 with it.  M– We just want our music to be as relatable as possible, we’re young and we want to act as role models , but most of all keep it real.

Empress is a beautiful name, why Empress? 

 EWe love the name Empress because it goes with our saying “strong in mind, rich in unity” as an Empress is a strong and beautiful woman who can be just as powerful as any man (Emperor). We believe that every girl no matter how weak she may be feeling can pull her self together and be a strong Empress because we all have one inside us.

What can we expect from Empress?   E– Lots of personality, good quality music, with powerful motives, catchy songs and big choreography.   D– A ‘Making Empress’ reality show, which follows us on our journey and a video diary which you can find on our website and YouTube channel.  Team Empress all the way!

Life is looking good for the girls of Empress, their amazing work ethic and pure talent should see them make a success of the band, and we for one can’t wait to hear their debut track. To see how the ladies secured their places in the group then watch The making of Empress at and check out their official Website





Bobby Brown has married again.

R&B singer Bobby Brown, has married his fiancé Alicia Etheridge.  The ceremony took place in Hawaii, on June 18th.   Brown’s son Bobby jr, was at the ceremony, and  posted a picture of the couple and their guests on to his instagram.

Brown was famously married to the late Whitney Houston, one of the biggest singing stars of our time, who sadly lost her life, after battling cocaine addiction for many years throughout her marriage to Brown . The newlyweds have a son together  Cassius, who was born in May 2009.  Brown’s older children, Landon, 23, and La’Princia, 22, were also in attendance for the nuptials.

However, Brown’s daughter with Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina Brown, is said not to have attended the wedding and, the pair are reported to not be on good terms. Bobbi Kristina, is currently in new york filming for her up and coming reality series.

Jack Osbourne 26, Son of Black Sabbath Front man, Ozzy Osbourne has been diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis.

The 26-year-old sports enthusiast Jack Osbourne was diagnosed with the disease, just three weeks after his fiance Lisa Stelly, gave birth to their first child, daughter Pearl. Jack was referred to a neurologist after starting to lose his vision in his right eye.  In an interview with Hello Magazine Jack says

 “first of all i was really angry….Then i was really sad”   continuing, Jack said “Adapt and overcome is my new motto”

Multiple sclerosis is an auto immune disease which affects the ability of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord to communicate with each other effectively, it is  an inflammatory disease in which, fatty myelin sheaths around the axons of the brain and spinal cord are damaged, leading to scarring as well as a broad spectrum of signs and symptoms.  Although a lot is known about the mechanics of the disease, No one knows the cause of it and there is no known cure.  However, long term  medication to prolong the effects of the disease, are widely available.

Jacks mother Tv personality, and  music manager Sharon Osbourne , broke down in tears on her regular hosting spot on american talk show The Talk.  Talking about Jack and his shocking diagnosis, and Clearly upset, Sharon said

“He’s doing great really, really good, and I want to thank everyone for their texts, goodwill, and love they send us”