Spring trends for 2012 are in full swing on the catwalk and hair shows across the world, but lets not forget our hands, when the sun comes out,  the gloves come off and the sandals go on, ladies, you need our nails to be looking fabulous.

Misa Nail Polish -London - Tokyo - Japan

So what are the trends for this spring and summer when it comes to a coat of polish on your fingernails??

The cosmetics designers for the big fashion houses, have gona all out ths season, bringing us a fresh range of colours.   The main influence for these colours, seems to be, the season of spring itself, Chanel and Dior, developed their nail colours in leafy greens, lilacs, soft pinks and even softer oranges, a perfect solution to having amazing colours on your fingers and toes, but not overdoing it during the day.

Dior and Givenchy, have not forgotten the night owls amongst us, wanting to make an impact, to pair with that fabulous dress or pair of heels on your nights out,. Dior’s, dawn inspired Trio, perfect for just an ocassion, and Givenchy staying true to their classic style and trend, by bringing us the classic poppy red, that is a constant must, always.

Solid block colour is how we are being shown to wear our nail polish this season, so keep the fancy patterns for those special occasions, but the use of two-tone polishes, using colours like dark pink and black together, or leafy green with a darker racing green, creating a modern tiwst on the tidy french polish is a definite yes, for those of you wanting to stand out from the crowd .

Big Brother UK saw its first round of nominations this week, and it has been revealed that there are two house mates up for eviction, west end star Andrew Stone, and Lengerie model Georgia Salpa.

We all got to know Andrew stone during his stint on the Sky1 tv show Pineapple Studios, but what do we know about the Greek Irish beauty that is Georgia Salpa?

 Georgia was born in the greek capital Athens, in 1985, but moved to Ireland with her parents in 1989 aged just four years old, and was raised in Killiney near Dublin.  in her teenage years, she worked hard to become a model, and did some rather unglamorous promotional work, a far cry from the magazine shoots she is known for today.  After various modelling assignments in many publications including FHM, she became one of the first FHM HOT 100. She then went on to do many TV appearances on Irish programmes The Podge and The Rodge show, Republic of Telly, Celebrity Salon and Catwalk to Kilimanjaro.  Salpa has now moved to the UK,   she dated Football legend George Best’s son, Calum Best for a while, but the pair split in 2011.  Georgia is famed for her stunning looks, bearing similarities to american-Armenian reality tv star Kim Kardashian, and her natural 32E boobs, which she claims are a family heirloom.

Georgia, Andrew and the rest of the house mates,  will find out who will be the first celebrity to be evicted from the Big Brother house on Friday, the public will be voting all week.



Florence and The Machines leading lady, Florence Welch Beautifully grace the cover of Uk Vogue this month.

Big hair, bright blue eyes and a blue silk plunging dress to match, complete the stunning pictorial look, for Florence Welch’s first cover on Vogue magazine this month.  Inside the issue, Florence talks about her life since she exploded on to the music scene in 2009.  Her unmistakable  vocals, unique style and flame red hair have made her one of the most recognisable women in music today.  The cover shot is definitely a success to add the list.

Florence escribes in her Vogue interview how she is so close to her family, that they all work with her, and her ‘Machine’ from managing her schedule to driving the tour bus.

Read about Florence Welch unique style

The Mayor’s Midnight Fireworks in London are going ahead again this year, the display by the Thames, attracts huge crowds, usually around 250,000 people, will you be one of them?

This year there will be an exclusive live DJ set from Radio 1’s Nihil, starting at 10pm, and going on after the fireworks display. If you attend you also get to hear the famous Big Ben ‘Bongs’ , then get to see the UK’s biggest annual firework display from the London Eye, alongside a tailor-made soundtrack. No tickets are required for this event.

Go early, be safe, stay together, drink sensibly and make our capital proud.


Comment and let us know what you are all doing this year.




From music royalty to actual royalty, we can name a few famous red heads,

Prince Harry and Princess Beatrice from our very own monarchy, Nicola Roberts and Florence and the Machines lead singer, Florence Welch, to name a few, and it looks as though many more not so natural red heads are joining the latest trend of becoming Flame haired.

Scarlett Johansson, graced the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, sporting a new auburn red-haired look, Rihanna has been seen over the past several months with pillar box red long locks too.

So why are the likes of Drew Barrymore, Katy Perry, Blake Lively and Coleen Rooney, all choosing be flamed haired ?  Have they discovered that it’s not necessarily the blondes that have more fun? It has always been a cliché that a red-haired woman, is fiery, spicy, hot-headed, and even exotic, so maybe that is what it is, long gone are our demure Hollywood leading ladies, making room for the new spicy women of the 21st century.  Less than four percent of the world population has naturally red hair, so maybe it’s the idea of being one of a few individuals, with noticeable locks.  Whatever the reason we know that some of us are drawn to the colour Red like a bull in Spain, relentless, fixed, andpure, so it is sure to get you noticed.

with so many shades to choose from, no matter you skin tone, you are sure to find a red to compliment your skin tone, so why not keep your hair warm this winter.

Legendary Hollywood actress of the 1940’s and a proud red-head, Lucille Ball once said

Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead.”

And why not, these red-heads are nothing but beautiful.

Hearst-Rodale UK will launch Women’s Health in the UK in February next year.

Women's Health US Cover

Joining its ‘brother’ title Men’s Health in the UK, Women’s Health is already published in 12 countries across the rest of the world, but has never had a UK issue.

The UK edition will be available on a quarterly basis on news stands from 8 February 2012. Men’s Health and Women’s Health is a magazine focusing on health, nutrition, fitness, sex, and lifestyle.

 As we move into the autumn season of new fashion trends, we also move into a season of new make up trends.Designers this season have shown us a few that are a must for the season ahead of us. The runways of Jean Paul Gaultier and Oscar De La Renta brought us models with fresh nude make up, clear lips, light blush cheeks and minimal eyes, opting for soft pencil and natural shaded eyes, perfect for that pure daytime look.Dolce and Gabbana and Chloe, paired their classic looks with a classic make up style, the ‘smoky eye’. This was also seen on the runways of Vera Wang, channel and Roberto Cavalli, but with a bit of a difference, these designers chose braver, bolder colours. We saw shades of plum, purple, and this season big colour, orange.

Expect to see a lot of citrus shades on the make up counters right now, to add some zest to your make up bag.Liquid liners were used for a more dramatic eye, perfect for the party season ahead. In contrast we also saw soft pencil liners, which is perfect for the older woman to look youthful.Be bold, and try some different colour eye pencils. Whatever your personality, there is definitely an eye make up trend to suit.