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Every moth there seems to be a new exercise craze being talked about, usually with a celebrity name or two attached to it. With so many different excercise workouts, styles and genres, surely all of us have found the one that is perfect for us??.. NO??

Our workout regime is as unique to us as our wardrobe, or make up bag, not all of us enjoy running on a treadmill at a über trendy gym, or swimming 100 lengths of the swimming pool aiming for the gold medal at the 2012 olympics, but we would still like to look like that is what we have been doing.

well here are some helpful tips, and introductions to some exercise methods that have proven beyond doubt that you can have fun , get fit and make your work out your own, there may even be one or two you may not of heard of yet.

ZUMBA;  If you havent heard f Zumba then where have you been , it’s the craze that has swept the planet this year, even crossing over to Dvd’s games console workout discs, including  Nintendo Wii and the Xbox Connect.

but did you know there are a few different variations available, if the high impact fast fun workout is a little too high impact for you then how bout Aqua Zumba, Zumba Toning and Zumba in the Circuit, and there are now even children’s lighter versions of Zumba to keep our little mini me’s happy.

BOKWA; now here is one you may not have heard of yet, Bokwa is a unique cardiovascular workout based on a series of routines centred on different letters and numbers. Using African, Latin, popular dance and house music it aims to keep you motivated and exhilarated. Incorporating elements of kick boxing it aims to be a constantly challenging and high intensity workout. Bokwa was born from the combination of boxing (bo) and the cultural aspects of Kwaito (kwa).

YOGA: with the calm workout from Yoga or even Pilates, you don’t have the stresses of any high impact jumping around, all you need is a quiet space and a good Yoga mat.  A series of stretches, bends and carefully designed breathing techniques hailing from the olders of India, have been long proven, to improve circulation, flexibility and tone the muscles that you didn’t even know you had.  A  great thing about yoga is that it is very suitable for all ages, from children to, well…i don’t think there is an upper age limit.

WALKING; Yes ladies, it’s good old walking, that can do the trick to tone up those gorgeous legs of yours. just  few times  week leaving the car in the driveway and chosing to walk instead, will make a huge difference, and it’s a great way to get your general energy levels up to.

Party season is on it’s way, so let’s get our fabulous selves into those sparkly dresses for our christmas parties, and new years eve celebrations ahead. Get those energy levels up and get yourself toned and sexy, for the New year ahead.