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Celebrity Big Brother Launched tonight at 9pm givng us an ecclectic group of celebrities fighting it out to be crowned winner of Big Brother 2012.

Brian Dowling is back again to host Chanel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother and the first celebrity that he invited into the house was Eastenders actress Natalie Cassidy, showing us her new ,trendy bob haircut, once insde the house, Natalie was ushered to the diary room straight away, to be  given a secret mission from Big Brother. Second in was Reservoir Dogs movie actor,  Michael Madsen.   Housemate number three is West End dancer and Star-Man frontman, Andrew Stone famed from  the his appearance on the UK tv show Pineapple Studio, . Twin Playboy Playmates and Ex-Hugh Hefner girlfriends Kristina and Karissa Shannon were the next in, followed by X-Factor reject Frankie Cocozza. Retired  Welsh rugby international Gareth Thomas joined the  housemates and soon after, housemate number seven was introduced, Glamour Model Nicola McClean, Nicola has admitted to have had a ‘bit of a spat’ with her fellow housemate Natalie Cassidy. Housemate number eight came in the shape of Kirk Norcross, cast member of The Only Way Is Essex, and the owner of Brentwood’s celebrity nightclub The Suger Hut. Irish lingerie Model , and Kim Kardashian Look alike, Georgia Salpa and her micro dress entered the house next, followed by Natasha Giggs, sister-in-law of the Man Utd football player Ryan Giggs, and famed for the well publicised affair the both had together.  Housemate number eleven is MC Romeo, from So Solid Crew, walking into the house dressed in a tailored suit,  and looking cool and calm. Final housemate called out by Brian is much-loved british actress and Loose Woman, Denise Welch, Denise went in full of smiles to join the rest of the house.   Natalie Cassidy seemed to take on her secret mission with ease, and even seemed to enjoy it, following instructions from Big Brother through an earpiece.

So here we are the housemates are in, and only time will tell how they will get on, who they really are when they forget the cameras are on, and how they act when they remember the cameras are there. who is your favourite?? Let us know.

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Kelly Rowland spent the day sat in a room doing interviews for her latest album ‘Here I Am’ due to be released later this month. Because of this she had no clue about shock revelations that Frankie Cocozza had been kicked of X factor. Until a reporter asked her reaction to the news, and a reaction is exactly what she got.

This is the moment Kelly Rowland finds out that Frankie Cocozza has left the X Factor competition

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Frankie Cocozza gets the boot from X Factor-read the full story here


The news is out that Frankie Cocozza has been booted off X Factor, for breaking a ‘Golden Rule’   

All of the contestants are given strict rules to adhere to whilst they are still in the competition, and singing live on the Saturday night shows.It is not exactly clear what rule has been broken, but we do know that he is still being investigated by Ofcom for his foul language, before the 9 o’clock watershed, live on ITV. and has been reprimanded for his constant partying. it is reported that after his shock survival on Saturday nights show, he went with friends to the off licence, after drinking heavily he I said to have gone to a private party, and stayed out all night.

This type of heavy partying has never been accepted by the X Factor bosses, and i’am sure it never will be. Cocozza is said to be devastated to lose his place in the competition, where he was in the running for a £1million pound recording  contract and album deal.