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A Gunman has opened fire in to crowds of people in the centre, of the Belgian city of Liege, Killing at least three people and at lease 75 people are wounded.

Witnesses say that the man threw grenades onto a crowded square, from the rooftop of a building, before ending the traumatic events, by taking his own life.  The man has been named as   33-year-old Nordine Amrani, Known to Belgian police for firearms offences     He was known to police for previous firearms and drugs offences. It has been confirmed that he acted alone.

There is no official confirmation on any other deaths, although BBC News, has reported that there may be more possible deaths, including that of a baby girl.   The area, involved in todays events, was bustling with christmas shoppers earlier today, shopping and walking  around the christmas market , when Amrani began his shooting spree, and throwing grenades into the crowd. People including young children, began running nd screaming to find safety.

The Belgium Monarchy, King Albert and Queen Paola came to pay their respects. 

Although Amrani is known to police and it is believed he spent around 58 months in prison for offences connected with firearm, authorities say they do not know the motive of reason for todays attack.

Our thoughts go out to all the families involved.