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Readers of a leading music magazine have been voting for which star’s they would like to see back from the dead.

2pac shakur Hologram Coachella 2012

 The results are in!   The Coachella Festival set many tongues wagging this year, for numerous reasons.  None more so than the appearance of deceased Rap legend Tupac Shakur, who died following a brutal shooting back in 1996. Alongside fellow Rappers Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg, they set the crowd on fire with a mind-blowing performance of the late star’s hits “Hail Mary” and “2 Of Amerikaz Most wanted.”   It is the first time anything of its kind has been done, creating a totally original performance, never seen before and specially mastered with the help and input of Dr Dre with Coachella 2012 in mind.   Prior to this, we have seen similar holograms, which were invented using previous archived footage and images to bring back a past version of the artists in question. None more highlighted than that of Elvis Presley.  This latest form is beyond all imagination.  What Coachella witnessed was a first and somewhat magical.

Tupac’s image created entirely from scratch. Recreating him. Bringing him back to life.   This has now sparked a wave of rumours of stars possibly returning from beyond the grave to grace us with their presence once again. These include whispers of Lisa’Left Eye’Lopez joining the surviving members of TLC on a US tour later in 2012. King of pop Michael Jackson to bless us all by returning with his brothers, also sometime this year, for the upcoming tour to celebrate their successful 1984 Victory Tour. None of which have been officially confirmed.   So, after the major hype and brilliant feedback following the Coachella display, music magazine, RollingStone, offered their readers the chance to vote for who they would like to see resurrected and back on stage. The results are in and the top ten desired can now be revealed.


10. The Notorious B.I.G: If Tupac can return as a hologram, why not his rival, the Notorious B.I.G? It would be shocking if Sean Combs hasn’t at least made a few phone calls looking into the logistics of making this happen.

09. Bob Marley: Reggae legend Bob Marley has become one of the most iconic figures in all of popular music, so it makes some sense to extend that image to the realm of holography.


08. Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson’s brothers have made a bit of noise in the wake of the Tupac hologram by suggesting that they would be open to doing a show with a hologram version of their late brother. It’s not hard to imagine an arena of people flipping out over watching even a virtual version of Jackson doing his signature moves.

07. Janis Joplin: If someone were to make a Janis Joplin hologram, they would have to work damn hard at getting it right, since so much of Joplin’s appeal came down to an unpredictable humanity that might not translate well to the world of ones and zeros.

06. Jerry Garcia: The Grateful Dead may have ended with Jerry Garcia’s death in 1995, but the band has stuck around in the form of splinter bands and, more recently, concert films broadcast in movie theatres. It wouldn’t be too surprising if a virtual Jerry popped up one of these days, though the rigid and predictable programming of an effect would go against the loose and groovy ethos of the Dead.

05. Jim Morrison: If Jim Morrison should return as a hologram, it might be cool to make the virtual Doors front man appear as a sort of spectral vision. That just seems much more in line with the style of the band than some bland 3D recreation of the late singer.

04. Freddie Mercury: Freddie Mercury was a larger-than-life figure, so if Queen decides to bring him back as a hologram, they ought to get very literal about that. As in, the faux Freddie should appear to viewers as huge as his astounding voice.

03. John Lennon: John Lennon is another star who would be ill-suited to straight 3D representation – he’s too wild, too human. That said, it would be amazing if he could be represented as a shared psychedelic vision that blinked in and out of reality as a live band performed along with the projections.

02. Kurt Cobain: Part of Kurt Cobain’s legacy is the thing in which his fans will scoff, “Ugh, Kurt would’ve hated that!” at virtually any cheesy thing that’s come out since his suicide in 1994. They’re probably right almost all of the time, the Nirvana front man was said to have hated a LOT of things. It seems pretty safe to say that Kurt Cobain would’ve really, really hated a hologram version of himself “performing” years after his death. Nevertheless, enough of you would like to see it that he ended up at Number Two on this list.

01. Jimi Hendrix: Apparently, guitar god Jimi Hendrix won this poll by a significant margin. It might work really well as a visual, but that hologram would have to be pretty amazing to come close to capturing the effortless soul of the guitarist at his peak, and the sheer sex appeal and beauty of the man in his human form.

What do you think reader’s? Are  there other names you would much prefer to see in this list?  Anyone you are truly shocked to see make the grade?

With this sensational breakthrough in technology, who knows what the future has in store for us. Could this be the way forward in terms of entertainment? Only time will tell.   One thing that is certain, Sataloma News  will be waiting in the wings to deliver you with news and keep you updated on any future events or breaking stories that may arise in the near future in connection with this exciting, new prospect. As soon as we hear, you will be the first to know.

 Music IS most definitely alive