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Boy Band phenomenon One Direction have announced the news that they will headline at this years iTunes Festival in London.

The sound of young girls, screaming their way down school corridors can be heard from miles around as it is announced that Global superstars,  One Direction will be performing at this years iTunes Festival!  The tickets are FREE, and are being issued in a prize draw that can be entered via the iTunes website. the boys’ official website issued a statement that reads

We are excited to announce that the boys will be performing at this year’s iTunes Festival! Click here for all the information on how you can win yourself some tickets to the event! Head over to the iTunes website for more details. 1DHQ

One Direction will perform a headline show, and it will mark their return to the UK, making it Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson’s first performance on UK soil since they headed out on their US Tour, now their return is official, they will heaperform at the festival on the 20th September. The iTunes Festival stands ou from others, as it lasts through September, at The Roundhouse in Camden, London.  As usual the entire line up is being kept a close guarded secret untill nearer the time, this years the line up is sure to be fierce, the only performances that have been confirmed so far are , including


1st September – Usher

Norah Jones



10th September – Norah Jones

Jack White


8th September – Jack White

20th September – One Direction

60 music artists, over 31 days, makes it one of the biggest music events of the year in the uk, and let’s not forget it is free,  you will need to apply for tickets from the iTunes website .

Sataloma TV, on YouTube is launched this week.

With lots of Video’s to feast your eyes on, bringing yo all the new music artists, that we have featured at Sataloma News, entertainment news and broadcasts, interviews and reactions to current issues.

Take a look click like if you like what you see and of course don’t forget to subscribe. YouTube Preview Image

It’s Friday 13th today, and as we all know it is considered by most as an unlucky day, in order to keep lady luck on their side, Brits will be practicing a whole host of bizarre superstitions on this Friday 13th. Ranging from the ancient tradition of carrying a rabbit’s foot to the more modern practice of avoiding the cracks in the pavements, the UK remains a deeply superstitious nation.   Research has found that 8% of Britons believe that Friday 13th is unlucky, meaning that they suffer from a phobia known as Friggatriskaidekaphobia.

To ward off the misfortune of the day Brits resort to equally bizarre methods to stay lucky:

Top 10 superstitions

1. Avoid pavement cracks

2. Knock on wood 3. Keep fingers crossed

4. Not walking under ladders

5. Wear something shaped like a clover

6. Have a horseshoe in the house

7. Look out for two magpies

 8. Put your left foot out of bed first

 9. Carry an acorn

10. Carry a rabbit’s foot  

But on the flip side, those of you, that were born on the 13th of a month, especially born on a Friday 13th of the month, then this day is considered one of the luckiest for you, so today would be a good day to go and buy a lottery ticket, or such like. Either way we should all keep smiling, not be too scared, and make the day what we want it to be.

Celebrities have been tweeting their Friday 13th thoughts today too.

@planetjedward  Omg it Friday the 13 th are you scared”…… Guys don’t be scared … You get scared just thinking you gotta be scared

@piersmorgan is going to be a VERY unlucky day for Ian ‘Gnomey’ Hislop – #LifeStories is going rip @bbcHIGNFY ‘s ratings apart

@billbailey  Thanks for good wishes, and superb thoughts to all those who share a Friday 13th Birthing Zone. Drink responsibly.

One Direction still in disbelief but forever grateful over their massive worldwide success.

After melting the hearts of every young girl in the UK whilst performing week after week on the X Factor UK, Simon Cowell’s Boy band One Direction went on to sign a deal with Simon Cowell’s record company, and promptly became the biggest boy band of the moment, the boys Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, are loved for their good looks, and cheeky personalities. Above all their obvious ability to sing well.  Together  this has proved a winning recipe for success.  Next came the opportunity to visit America, The boys made history today as their debut album UP ALL NIGHT entered the US Billboard 200 chart at #1 with over 176,000 copies sold. This makes chart history as the first British group ever to debut at #1 in the US with their debut album release. UP ALL NIGHT went straight to No.1 on the digital chart within minutes of its official release.

The boys constantly seem grateful and in disbelief about the level of success both here and overseas, in interviews and via twitter.

“We simply cannot believe that we are No.1 in America! It’s beyond a dream come true for us. We want to thank each and every one of our fans in the US who bought our album and we would also like to thank the American public for being so supportive of us.” – Harry x

“We just found out that we are No.1 in America and as you can imagine, we are over the moon! When we got put together as a group, we couldn’t imagine ourselves coming to America, let alone releasing our album here, so for us to be sitting at the top of the US album charts is unbelievable. We are so grateful to everyone who has supported us in the US.” – Niall x

One Direction boys have spent this year headlining a massive tour across North America, with every date and venue sold out.

And now One Direction have announced a massive show in New York to finish off an amazing year!  Due to overwhelming popular demand, having completely sold out their May/June Tour of North America, the band will headline the prestigious Madison Square Garden in New York City on December 3, 2012.



The Original Sugarbabes line-up have landed themselves a £1million Record Deal

We all know the troubles that have surrounded the Sugarbabes over the years, tiffs and tantrums, girls leaving and being replaced, accusations of bullying and ego struggles to mention a few, resulting in more line up changes than we like to remember. What we recognise as the Sugarbabes now is very different to what it looked like in the beginning,

The original line up of the Sugarbabes Mutya Buena, Siobhan Donaghy and Keisha Buchanan (incase you didn’t remember) have reunited and have just signed a record deal with Polydore records, their unique sound shot them to the top of the charts with their debut single Overload back in  1998. they enjoyed enormous success.  Siobhan Donaghy was the first member of the band to leave she was swiftly replaced by Liverpudlian new comer Heidi  Range.

The Sugarbabes name unfortunately belongs to the record company that have a deal with the current band, which consists of Heidi Range, Amelle Berrabah, and newest member Jade Ewen, so the girls won’t be able to snatch their name back, but something tells me they aren’t going to be upset about leaving that name behind them.

We will wait with bated breath, for word on the new name for the old band, and this is probably a good time  for them to remember the old saying,

 ” if it aint broke then don’t fix it”

The current line up of the Sugarbabes, have shelved plans for their next album, maybe due to fans not clicking with the current line up like they have with previous line ups, and not appreciating the group acting like a football team in transfer season, swapping and changing members, so regularly.  Although lots of bands have changed the odd member, including Oasis, Guns n Roses, Heavy rock band Slip Knot, even SuperGirl group Destiny’s Child lost two of its orginal members, it is unheard of, for a group to change it’s entire line up.

Good Luck Girls, we cant wait to hear the new Tracks.

Holly Willoughby is looking red-hot on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Britain’s favourite tv presenter, and mum of two, Holly Willoughby is on the cover of the April issue of Cosmo Magazine, and she is looking smoking hot!!

Holly talks candidly to the magazine in an interview, telling all about family life, working with the silver fox that is Mr. Philip Schofield, and the secret of looking sexy, even when you have two small children at home and you hold down more than one full-time job. Gorgeous cover star Holly Willoughby reveals all about Cosmo’s fave topics: sex, love and lust  “I’ve always found that if you dress sexy, you feel sexy”, says Holly – and she’s a gal who’d know!


Jersey Shore Star Snooki has got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Jionni Lavelle .

Reality star 24-year-old Snooki, hit the headlines recently with the revelations that she and Lavelle were expecting their first child People magazine have now reported that a source close to the couple has revealed that they are officially engaged to be married.

Snooki is currently filming her spin-off series to Jersey Shore, the cameras will be following her and best friend and former housemate, j-Wow as they move in together, and spend the summer together. Maybe we will get a glimpse of Snooki arranging her up and coming nuptuals, but the question is, will the happy couple get wed very soon, or will they wait untill after the little bundle of joy makes arrives.

Tv favourite and fashion fixer Gok Wan, has been taken into hospital unexpectedly for back surgery.

Following  day of suffering some severe back pain yesterday, Gok Wan has now been admitted into hospital for surgery on his spine. Gok even took to twitter yesterday,  tweeting:

Really bad day with my back… Will check in later tweeties. Have a good day x

followed a while later saying:

Not a great day with my back… Love would be greatly appreciated! 🙁 x

the tweets poured in from other celebs, and Gok’s fans wishing him a speedy recovery, but this afternoon Gok was admitted into the hospital after being told bt doctors that he would need an operation on his back, and has had to pull out of his scheduled appearance with Alan Carr on the Million Pound Drop, hosted by Davina McCall.

Gok seems to be comfortable enough this afternoon  as he tweeted from his hospital bed that he had been having a good gossip with fellow patients on his hospital ward.

So… I managed to get to know everyone on my ward. We’ve swapped chocolates, gossiped and I dispensed fashion advise! Hospital Chic baby! X  he tweeted.

also expressing his disappointment of missing out on his attempt at the Million Pound Drop,

So gutted I’m going to be morphined off my ****** nut when I should be camping it up on MPD win @AlanCarr and @ThisisDavina 🙁

we hope Gok is on the mend soon, and everything goes well with his impending operation, which is said to be performed later today.



Top tips to make the most of your wardrobe this spring.   With the clocks going forward this weekend to welcome the start of spring, now is the perfect time to delve into your wardrobe to rediscover clothes from seasons gone by.  Research by home furnishing experts IKEA reveals that on average Brits are hoarding £1,212 worth of clothes in their wardrobes and the official arrival of spring on 21st March is the perfect time to uncover these hidden gems. Despite having wardrobes filled with the latest fashion, almost half of Brits claim to be bored with their clothes and only 3% say they feel excited about choosing a different outfit each day. A third also admit to wearing only 10% of their outfits, resulting in £1,090 worth of clothes left hanging on the rails untouched. According to the survey, we are not making the most of the clothes we already own and the lack of excitement around the contents of our wardrobes is due to poor organisation, as almost half of the nation describes the state of their wardrobe as ‘unorganised chaos’. Almost a quarter admit to grabbing the first thing that comes to hand each morning with a further 23% rotating the same old trusted outfits over and over again.  There are simple, affordable steps that can get your clothes in order this spring.

Bedrooms expert Pippa Swain commented, “Our research shows that despite having a wealth of outfits to choose from, Brits are often left feeling frustrated and uninspired by the contents of their wardrobes. Instead of buying new clothes, money savvy Brits should invest in storage solutions that help rediscover the items they once loved. ”

Grace Woodward

Celebrity stylist Grace Woodward has teamed up with IKEA to give some top tips on how to spring clean and reorganise your wardrobe chaos, she comments: “Just as you have many different roles to play in a day, so does your wardrobe. It needs to organise your clothes, hang them properly, show off your best bits and keep all those things you’d rather forget cleverly hidden away.. The key to great styling and feeling confident about what you wear all starts with your wardrobe – the home of your fabulous fashion and source of inspiration”.

Grace Woodard’s Top Tips for getting the most out of your wardrobe:

1. Clarity is Key: One of the worst wardrobe habits is hoarding clothes that we never wear, I recommend clearing out your wardrobe every year considering the season coming.  If it doesn’t fit or can’t be worked it into an outfit then you need to get rid!

 2. Hang with pride: Once you have de-cluttered the next step is reorganising! It’s important to make the most  of the space within your wardrobe, never over fill – you don’t have to hang everything. .

3. You Are Your Canvas: Making a great outfit is like painting, you are using colour and texture to create something interesting to look at. People think they don’t have time but if you know where to reach in and grab those little extras like accessories then your look becomes more interesting.

4. Kick Off: I encourage people to have a shoe to suit every mood, but we are emotional multifaceted creatures and so the shoe collection can get quite large. Shoe racks and boxes are the key to footloose and fancy free self-expression – a total must for good shoe care too.   Boxes with clear fronts, help keep dust away and make it easy to choose the right pair for your outfit.