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Introducing a group of musically talented London Lads, also known as Hollywood Tramp.


These boys pride themselves on their fun and fantastic live shows, and have just released their single Copycat, and a gig coming up at the Islington o2 Acadamy later this month.  The bands line up is Steve Dent Sean Colley, Rowan Cox and Phil Swan, we spoke to the lads to see what happens in th world of Hollywood Tramp.


Hi guys, So how do you guys all know each other?

We’ve come together over the years though things like music college way back in 2003, mutual friends and ‘borrowing’ turning to stealing members from our friends bands.

How long have you been together as a band?

•  St_ This line up since August ’08. The last man in Phil (guitar) just naturally changed our sound so much.

To those who haven’t had the pleasure of hearing your music yet, how would you describe your style and sound?

 •S_Mixture of styles Funk/pop. RC_ We really put on a high energy show, whenever there are people dancing we can really feed of their energy.

 Who were you influenced by musically, growing up?

St_We’ve all come together from different places in music like Row used to listen to a lot of Hiphop, and I reggae. Sean was hugely influenced by George Michael. So pretty damn different.

You say that you pride yourselves on your life performances, what can the fans expect at a Hollywood Tramp gig?

S_ we feel we engage the audience, with the mixture of Showmanship and musicianship.

Which music artists would we find on your personal iPod playlists?

St_ actually none of us own iPods…. Frank Turner, FUN, and like everyone in the world right now Ed Sheeran.  S_ Foster the People, Everything Everything, The original Se7en. P_ John Mayer, The Script, Plan B… R_Michael Jackson, RHCP.

So what is next for Hollywood Tramp?

Things are really starting to snowball for us, which is a really great feeling. Festivals for the Summer, Music Video shoot for Copycat, And Hollywood Tramp the movie

You are four London boys, our readers are big supporters of uk talent, what artists make you proud to be from the uk at the moment ?

Adele, Ed Sheeran, and surprisingly were jamming out to Jessie J’s single Domino. St_ Also I think Kasabian are in for a long career, their current ‘Velociraptor!’ album is I think the best in terms of writing since the first album.

What is the ultimate dream for Hollywood Tramp?

We actually already have achieved it by supporting David Hasslehoff on his imaginary tour of east London pubs. However honestly for all of us our dreams would be to play some gigs opening for a band that we respect and have influenced us all so much, like Maroon 5, or the Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Mayer.

Copycat single was released on Feb 29th receiving national radio airplay on BBC Radio 2

For everything Hollywood Tramp, gig dates, tickets and fan information  you can find the Boys on Facebook  and follow them on Twitter and their official website

It was announced yesterday by the Metropolitan Police, that new measures to improve the effectiveness of stop and search, is being put into place.

a meeting was held yesterday by the (MPA) Metroploitan Police Authorty to discuss the urgent matter of, addressing the failings of the stop and search process, which is resulting in strained relations with local communities.

The Metropolitan Police Website says:

The review, which was approved by Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe this week has led to a series of new objectives. The new approach will see a renewed focus on reducing violence and for the power to be used in a more intelligence-led and targeted way, leading to more arrests and more weapons seized.

A new dedicated, experienced central team will lead a wide range of changes affecting every element of stop and search with the aim of improving policy, practice, and performance across the board.

There will be fewer ‘Section 60’ authorisation, while the intelligence threshold to approve this power will be increased, ensuring there is a stronger case to grant it in the future. There will be more arrests arising from searches, and more weapons sought to help prevent violent crime. Failed searches for drugs will also be cut.

Commander Tony Eastaugh, who will be overseeing the MPS’s refreshed approach said: “Stop and Search is an important policing tactic and a deterrent to crime. We know from public attitude surveys that communities support us when it is used fairly and professionally.

“We accept there are disparities in the use of stop and search. Whilst the causes of these disparities are complex, it is vital that we not only maintain but enhance local accountability to provide greater transparency in relation to our use of stop and search to combat violent crime.

“We have worked hard over the years to establish robust scrutiny processes as transparency is essential to us. The clear message from public satisfaction surveys is that the wider community recognise that stop and search is a vital tool and we know we must retain their backing.

“We will continue to work to increase the involvement of communities and third sector organisations & statutory partners as we move forward with these changes.”

The Mayor’s Midnight Fireworks in London are going ahead again this year, the display by the Thames, attracts huge crowds, usually around 250,000 people, will you be one of them?

This year there will be an exclusive live DJ set from Radio 1’s Nihil, starting at 10pm, and going on after the fireworks display. If you attend you also get to hear the famous Big Ben ‘Bongs’ , then get to see the UK’s biggest annual firework display from the London Eye, alongside a tailor-made soundtrack. No tickets are required for this event.

Go early, be safe, stay together, drink sensibly and make our capital proud.


Comment and let us know what you are all doing this year.