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One Direction, go straight in at number one.

One Direction have hit the number one spot in the official uk charts once again with their single, that was only released this week. ‘Little Things’ — Taken from the brand new album ‘Take Me Home’

Published on 2 Nov 2012

‘Little Things’ — Taken from the brand new album ‘Take Me Home’ released 12th November in the UK / 13th November US & Canada.


Music video by One Direction performing Little Things. (C) 2012 Simco Limited under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Let’s unroll the red carpet and get ready to enjoy a couple of hours of great music.

4Music’s Video Honours, the annual awards is returning to your screens to uncover the best artists and videos of 2012 as voted by the public.

The winners will be revealed by Miquita Oliver in a two hour special result show – Video Honours Results – which will feature live video links of the winners accepting their awards.

With incredible talent up for nomination including Ed Sheeran, Tulisa, Rita Ora and David Guetta, the award categories such as Best Boy, Best Girl, Best Breakthrough and Best Video were hotly contested. Music fans can place their vote on the 4music website until midnight on 16 Nov.

This year, the series will culminate in a live, interactive show voiced by Miquita – Video Honours Best Video Top 20 – featuring celeb gossip, the winning music videos and live viewer commentary through, 4Music’s Facebook and Twitterfeed.

In just over three months’ time a new law comes into force which will
prevent insurance companies from pricing premiums based on gender. This is
likely to mean higher car insurance premiums for young women, but new
research reveals the majority of those who will be most affected by thhe
change are completely unaware of it.

The EU Gender Directive becomes law on 21st December. Diamond, a specialist
in car insurance for women, surveyed 1,000 women motorists aged under 30
about the Directive, and found that many of them don’t realise how much it
will affect them.

More than half (51%) of those surveyed were unaware of the Directive at all.
When asked when they thought the Directive was coming into force only 16%
correctly knew that it was later this year.. More than a third (36%) thought
it was already the law with 16% saying they thought it came in last year and
20% that it came in earlier this year.

Dave Halliday, Diamond managing director, said: “The EU announced it was
changing the law regarding gender back in March 2011, which might explain
why so many women think it is already in place. However insurance companies
have been given until December this year to make the necessary changes to
how they price premiums.

“Unfortunately the change is likely to result in higher insurance premiums
for young women. This is because from a risk point of view women will have
to be treated the same as men, and young men in particular have the worst
driving record and are the highest risk. Young women, particularly those
aged under 22 should be aware that their premiums will probably be higher
when they come to get insurance from 21st December onwards.”

Years of data clearly shows that young men have a far worse driving record
than young women. Diamond’s own statistics show men under 21 are four times
more likely to have a dangerous driving conviction than women the same age,
and the cost of the accidents they have is worse, on average accidents
involving men under 21 cost 48% more than those involving women under 21.

Despite the EU’s assertion that men and women are the same, Diamond asked
the women surveyed their thoughts on the issue. 72% said they believe men
and women drive differently, while a massive 83% believe men and women think
differently. Not surprisingly only 7% of them believe men are safer drivers
compared with 56% who think women are safer. 37% believe they are the same.

There is a new girl group in town and they go by the name of Empress.


Four young women from the UK, have been chosen after a nationwide search, from Ultimate Music Management.  These ladies clearly stood out from the crowd , against the other hopefuls that auditioned to be part of this exciting new project. Empress are an urban girl group made up of 4 talented singers & dancers. They officially became a group in  may 2012. They are all 18 years-old, hungry for success, and are literally soaked in talent.  The group is made up of Monica, Vee, Desthy and Elys.

In an Exclusive interview with Sataloma News, we find out just what the girls have been up to since coming together as a group,  and find out a bit more about the girls themselves, and the  music they are creating.

Congratulations on becoming Empress, just how excited are you about the future?

M- SO excited it’s all very new and fresh but were literally so excited for the what the future holds for us D-Yes I’m very excited! I mean, this is once in a lifetime opportunity, we have a great management team that’s supporting and helping us throughout the entire journey, its been a great start for the group, I hope this will continue and bring us a great, bright future ahead of us!

So tell us a little bit about yourselves as individuals, ?

I’ am Elyse, I am 18 and I am from Bolton, I’m Persian and a libra. I’m the sort of person who seems shy at first but can’t shut me up once you know me.

I am Monica, im 18, and grew up in  Aylesbury, I am Italian & greek,  and I am a Scorpio. Before Empress I was a solo singer/songwriter and club promoter.

My name is Desthy, everyone calls me Dee. I’m 18, and a Capricorn. I was born in Jakarta, in Indonesia, but now live in Milton Keynes. I started dancing when I was 6, as a  ballroom dancer, but my main passion is really hip hop,  I joined my first class of hip hop at 9 I haven’t stopped dancing & singing since.

Hi,  I’m Veneisha but im known as Vee. I am 18 years old and I’m from London I am a Scorpio, my parents are from Barbados and Jamaica, and im a trained dancer, and studied performing arts.

You are all 18 years old, is music, what you have all, always wanted to do?

M– Yeah its something I have  wanted since I was like 4, I just knew from then, that I wanted to entertain people. The spice girls started it for me.    E-Music has always been a part of my life you only have to look at footage from my “family video camera” , it is  full of tapes of myself, forcing my brother to hold the camera while I wore wigs and pretend to be on MTV.    D-Music is like air to me, sounds a little cheesy but I literally cannot live without it.  My life has always revolved around music, from old-school  RnB and gospel to hip hop, those are my favourite types of music. I started singing when I was 9, I love performing.    V-From the age of five , I was always entering into talent shows, I would always make up dance routines and sing in front of my family. This has been something I wanted from a very young age.

Are you all getting along well?   M-We get on really well, me,  Vee and Desthy hit off straight away in the first auditions, then Elyse came in and completed us. Were like sisters already!   V-Yeah, me Monica and Desthy clicked throughout the audition process, then when we found Elyse it just felt right. We have four very different personalities and we couldn’t have found a better fit.  It’s like a sisterhood already.

Hows music coming along?   M-Its coming along really well, we have worked with different producers, and have even just started working on a garage track with a real summer vibe. E- At the moment were just playing around with sounds to create something totally unique to create Empress’s sound.

Who are your biggest musical influences?     D-Michael Jackson  and Beyonce M-Drake, Rihanna, J-cole, J.lo & of course Beyoncé she is just so talented!  E-I have a huge mixture of influences ranging from rock such as Nirvana and  Queen, Motown music like Aretha Franklin, to current artists, like Beyonce and Rihanna V– Beyonce has always been my main influence. She has inspired me in many ways as a woman and a performer. Also Rihanna, as she’s from Barbados like myself . She’s made it from a small island, to world-wide musical domination.

Can we hear these influences in the music that you are making right now?    D: Our music influences are hip hop and RnB, but we will definitely make a variety of music, try all genres. I think its important to try a few different paths, to see what works. The garage track that we’re working on at the moment is very summery vibe, we tried to bring the 90’ to 2012 with it.  M– We just want our music to be as relatable as possible, we’re young and we want to act as role models , but most of all keep it real.

Empress is a beautiful name, why Empress? 

 EWe love the name Empress because it goes with our saying “strong in mind, rich in unity” as an Empress is a strong and beautiful woman who can be just as powerful as any man (Emperor). We believe that every girl no matter how weak she may be feeling can pull her self together and be a strong Empress because we all have one inside us.

What can we expect from Empress?   E– Lots of personality, good quality music, with powerful motives, catchy songs and big choreography.   D– A ‘Making Empress’ reality show, which follows us on our journey and a video diary which you can find on our website and YouTube channel.  Team Empress all the way!

Life is looking good for the girls of Empress, their amazing work ethic and pure talent should see them make a success of the band, and we for one can’t wait to hear their debut track. To see how the ladies secured their places in the group then watch The making of Empress at and check out their official Website





Little Mix have announced that they are going to be supporting the JLS boys, on their Tour later this year.

The Little Mix girls have worked non stop since winning the XFactor last year, as one of the biggest and most popular acts performing in the huge X Factor Tour.

Now the tour is finished the girls, Jesy, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Perrie, are  busy recording tracks in the studio, ready for the release of their debut album,  getting ready to support JLS on their upcoming tour and are in rehearsals for their first ever video shoot as a group in their own right.

The girls have been regularly  tweeting , even posting a pic of themselves , a sneak peek look at them at rehearsals. From the sound of things they are enjoying every second of their exciting journey. The ladies have however, found time to watch this years Britain’s Got Talent, and have already chosen their favourite Young London Lads, Loveable Rogues.

@LITTLEMIXOFFIC “Remember, we’re supporting JLS on tour this summer – so exciteeed!!! Xxjadexx”

@LITTLEMIXOFFIC “@LoveableRogues you guys are wicked! So deserve to go through! Good luck! X Leigh”

We know the girls are going to pull out all the stops on tour,  we expect it to be noting less than amazing, and we look forward to hearing their first track release from their album.



We dropped in on one of our Promising talents, De’Vide whilst they were performing in their home town.

After playing several big gigs in London and across the East of the country, De’vide returned to their roots, for an intimate gig for their local fans, and they did not disappoint.

De’vide has a sound that they describe as  crisp fusion of Hiphop, R&B, Indie and Soul with an acoustic Funk edge. …the band has two members Lexi Lex and Barney Holmes.

As expected they had the crowd on their feet,  performing some great R&B covers, and of course their debut single To &Fro. If you get the chance you should definately go and see these guys live!

We caught up with the boys after the show and they told us what they had been up to since we last spoke to them, and they have been pretty busy,  the band  have been featured on BBC radio 6, with Tom Robinson, and BBC Suffolk Introducing, after their debut track To & Fro was played on BBC1Xtra, the track was chosen as Homegrown download of the week, and in December they were placed on the long list for MTV’s BRAND NEW FOR 2012. This month they have had their debut play on BBC Norfolk Introducing.  The future is definitely looking exciting for these guys.  The band have just released their second studio track ‘Drive‘ and it’s avalable for download at the bottom of this page.   Some very exciting projects are scheduled for the next few months ahead, and we will bring you all the updates very soon.

click here to listen to De’Vide’s track To&Fro

Support De’Vide by visiting their Facebook page or to hear some acoustic jamming sessions check out their YouTube channel

 Click Here to read more about De’Vide