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Cheryl Cole is suing  Now magazine for libel because of  a story in which a front page headline claimed she was involved in a “secret romance” with rapper MC Harvey.

Cheryl Cole has filed papers to sue the magazine over the stories it ran after an interview with the Rapper.  32 year-old MC Harvey, real name Michael Harvey Jr, allegedly spoke with Now magazine and after much probing, revealed that he had a secret relationship with Cole, after her split from Footballer Ashley ColeCheryl Cole took to twitter immediately, when the story broke tweeting “Was this ‘relationship’ happening in your head?”   A  heated Twitter argument between the pair, followed with Harvey saying he had the emails to prove it, and ended his rant saying  “rather go broke and work in Sainsbury’s than talk about Cole’s personal life”.

Cheryl Cole 28, is also suing over a later story headlined: Cheryl & Harvey: The Proof. Which claims that MC Harvey went on to take copies of the mentioned emails to the Magazine, with the purpose to,  in his words, prove his relationship with Cheryl Cole.

Cole has filed papers against publishers IPC Media at the High Court suing for aggravated damages, for the original story and has accused Now magazine’s publishers of misusing private information about her, in the stories and is seeking an injunction to ban IPC media from repeating the allegations