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 Today we all saddened by news of the shocking mulitcar pile up that occurred near to  junction 25 of the M5 at around 20.30GMT yesterday evening. So far the horrifying numbers are 7 killed, 51 injured and 34 cars involved in the crash, that resulted in a giant fire ball ripping through some of the crashed vehicles, it is believed some of the fatalities, were caused by this fire. Anyone concerned about their relatives can call 0800 092 0410 for information. The age and sex of the injured and the fatalities are still unknown.Eye witnesses have reported hearing the calls of help from people trapped inside their vehicles. but their frustration of being restricted, to what they could do as the flames were burning so hot it was almost impossible to get close to the vehicles.

it s said to be the worst crash since, 1993, where  a pile up caused the death of 12 Children on the M40.

North Petherton Carnival which was due to be held on Saturday night, just north of the crash site has been canceled as a mark of respect.