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Russell Brand has been arrested, after a warrant was issued for his arrest by New Orleans Police, following an incident on monday.

Russell Brand is accused of stealing a mobile phone and throwing it through a window of a nearby office. 

It is thought that after hearing the warrant had been produced, Brand handed himself in. His mug shot was taken, and he was charged with ‘simple criminal damage to property valued at  $700′The warrant was issued after the incident on monday in which photographer Timothy Jackson, claims that Brand snatched his iPhone, after Photographer Jackson took the opportunity to snap pictures of Brand. Brand is said to have then thrown the phone which went through the front window of a nearby law firm office.

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Russell Brand is in New Orleans filming a movie with co-star Julianne Hough.

Russell Brand Divorce News.


London Police Commander Tony Eastaugh is to host lve webchat that you can be involved in, and the subject is the current stop and search policies.

On Wednesday, 1 February, (tomorrow) between 12.00 mid-day and 1 pm, Commander Tony Eastaugh will be hosting a webchat on the use of stop and search by the Metropolitan Police Service in London.

The met official website says that this presents a great opportunity for Londoners to ask him questions about how officers are using these powers and how the service is setting out to improve its approach announced by Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe.

To join the webchat during the above hours, people can simply click the link below, use the link to set up a reminder or alternatively they can pre-submit a question via twitter using the #stopandsearchchat hashtag


Sky News are reporting that Armed Police have flood lit and cordoned off a road in Sutton st. James west of Kings Lynn, as a siege continues with a man who injured an officer in a firearm incident yesterday.

The lights were set up on a oad outside the Lincolnshire village. The standoff happened on Tuesday afternoon on the main road that goes straight through the village.  Local residents have been told not to leave their homes untill further notice, they are urging people with plans to travel to the area, to stay away untill the incident has been dealt with, and the area is completely safe again. It is still unclear how or why the incident happened,  but police have confirmed the officer involved has suffered facial injuries after a firearm was discharged “by a member of the public”. SKY NEWS have named the man as Barry Horspool, and claims he is a 60 yea old local resident, known well locally.


It was announced yesterday by the Metropolitan Police, that new measures to improve the effectiveness of stop and search, is being put into place.

a meeting was held yesterday by the (MPA) Metroploitan Police Authorty to discuss the urgent matter of, addressing the failings of the stop and search process, which is resulting in strained relations with local communities.

The Metropolitan Police Website says:

The review, which was approved by Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe this week has led to a series of new objectives. The new approach will see a renewed focus on reducing violence and for the power to be used in a more intelligence-led and targeted way, leading to more arrests and more weapons seized.

A new dedicated, experienced central team will lead a wide range of changes affecting every element of stop and search with the aim of improving policy, practice, and performance across the board.

There will be fewer ‘Section 60’ authorisation, while the intelligence threshold to approve this power will be increased, ensuring there is a stronger case to grant it in the future. There will be more arrests arising from searches, and more weapons sought to help prevent violent crime. Failed searches for drugs will also be cut.

Commander Tony Eastaugh, who will be overseeing the MPS’s refreshed approach said: “Stop and Search is an important policing tactic and a deterrent to crime. We know from public attitude surveys that communities support us when it is used fairly and professionally.

“We accept there are disparities in the use of stop and search. Whilst the causes of these disparities are complex, it is vital that we not only maintain but enhance local accountability to provide greater transparency in relation to our use of stop and search to combat violent crime.

“We have worked hard over the years to establish robust scrutiny processes as transparency is essential to us. The clear message from public satisfaction surveys is that the wider community recognise that stop and search is a vital tool and we know we must retain their backing.

“We will continue to work to increase the involvement of communities and third sector organisations & statutory partners as we move forward with these changes.”