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Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has hit the headlines again, this time it’s the speculation that the 25-year-old has had some drastic cosmetic procedures on her face, leaving her barely recognisable.

Lohan, 25, stepped out in New York City with what looked like  plumped-up cheeks and  lips. cosmetic surgeons have said that if it is a cosmetic procedure,is likely to be as a result of having facial fillers. This is not the first speculation of Lindsay undergoing cosmetic procedures, in the past we have seen her breast size increased dramatically, with people assuming she had undergone an augmentation, and in recent years her lips have been looking a little fuller, suggesting that she may have had fillers before.

The change in Lohan’s face has caused a media storm, and it was reported that, because of the transformation Lindsay actually look older than her 25 years, paparazzi had mistaken 67-year-old  80’s pop icon Debbie Harry for Lindsay whilst they were staying in the same hotel.

Lohan has not commented on her new appearance, so we can only speculate as to what has caused it, but there is no mistaking that there is a change. Lindsay stepped out earlier today, and was sporting a new red-head look, going back to her original almost natural hair colour, after being blonde in the recent past.