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‘Go for what you believe in, Be determined to make yourself a better person… to elevate in life’

‘Go for what you believe in, be determined to make yourself a better person… to elevate in life’,  That is the motto this young R&B artists lives by, and 22 Year-old Fola, takes this with him into the studio, to influence his music, along with the inspirations of artists he grew up listening to, such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Brandy, Usher, and Beyonce.

Fola grew up in South East London, Intent on nothing less than success, Fola has worked hard since the age of 11 to develop his singing and writing abilities, growing in confidence, he took to the stage, performing in many talent competitions and showcases, in front of audiences around London. His first big moment came 2007, when he auditioned for the ITV’s,  XFactor talent competition, and beat thousands of hopefuls, to get through to the boot camp stage of the competition.

Fola has been touring this year with Grammy nominated Joshua Groban, on his Awake UK Tour, performing to thousands, and the response has been phenomenal. Fola’s debut solo track Star was released in 2011, and it’s release attracted the attention of dj’s across the UK, and established Fola with an ever-growing fan base, The track was perfect for the clubs with its Grime/pop sound, edged with an electro sound. Fola’s  new track Living a Lie is produced by DDark a UK producer and shows exactly how smooth this young talent is.  It’s a track from his first solo Mixtape Go.

We caught up with Fola, and had a little chat about his inspirations and wanted to know what is next for this rising star.

  • Fola, I’ve been listening to your new ‘Living a Lie’ track and it’s great, you have an incredible voice, when did you first realize your voice was one that stood out from the crowd?
  • Well I have been singing my whole life, but I think people noticed it more than I did when I got to the ages of 11/12. That was when I started really working on my craft.
  • tell us about the track?
  • The song ‘Living a Lie’, is actually about a relationship where the partner has been living a facade the entire time, and finally, you find out so many lies about that person. It’s like a huge wake up call. I think we have been through that, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a boyfriend, girlfriend scenario, just a general one. 
  • you spent a lot of time over the years entering talent competitions, and showcases, how was that experience, as a young singer trying to make it in the UK?
  • The experience, is definitely something I won’t forget. But being unknown and not having any connections, it was something I felt I had to do, and I feel that it’s a great platform for young talent to be exposed and celebrated. 
  • in 2007 you entered the X factor and got as far as boot camp, how fierce was the competition there ?
  •  The whole x-factor experience and being at boot-camp was FUN!!! I met so many great people and it was such a friendly environment that the competition wasn’t too cut throat. I think the audience and the TV crew make it out like that, but when I was there, we the contestants were so cool. I still talk to a lot of the people who went on it.
  • would you audition again?
  • I am not too sure if I will go back, hopefully my music will take off if everything goes to plan.
  • You are a songwriter as well as a vocalist, what and who inspires you to write?
  • I get inspired by life in general, the things I go through and what I see others. Some things I write are fiction is all in my imaginary world, but I find those topics fun. I love Michael Jackson, Brandy, Usher, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce …. and the names go on.
  • Your track Living a Lie is Produced by UK Producer DDark, how well do you both work together creatively?
  • Me and DDark work so well together. I think it’s because we both want it and our passion and work ethic is really strong. Outside of music we are actually friends so that helps too. In terms of taste we tend to like the same things musically, I think that’s a key to why we click musically.
  • It’s from you Mixtape ‘Go’ are all the tracks just as smooth, or are there some upbeat R&B tracks on there ?
  • Go the mixtape has so many different feels. I am a smooth type of singer, but i consider myself versatile. There are some electronic pop  club type songs there, ballads and some dub-step.
  • what track would we find on your iPod right now
  •  On my iPod right now, you would find,  usher (his new album), Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, A LOT of Brandy, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. I am also into a lot of UK artists like Angel, Loick Essien, Labyrinth, Emelie Sande, Talay Riley and David.B. 
  • where can your fans see you performing next?
  •  You can catch me performing next week Tuesday on the 19th of June at Music is my drug at Brickhouse on Brick Lane.
  • what’s next for Fola?
  • Whats next? I am currently working on a new project. It will be an EP, so I am working hard in the studio writing and recording. Be expecting some more music video’s from the mix-tape

You can download Fola’s Mixtape ‘Go’ at www.officialfola.com

Introducing new singer song writer, Lisa Ella.


Lisa Ella is a young fresh singer ,songwriter, who hails from Manchester, and we think she is a promising new talent, working hard to get her name and sound out there for you all to hear. Lisa Ella has had some radio play at Silk fm is featured in up and coming artists lists, and has a string of successful performances to her credit, and is making a name for herself in local circles.

The song writer soaks her R&B music with the Caribbean influence of her Bajan heritage, and it makes for a unique sound. Her singles  One Life, and Way Too Loud are a perfect example of that.

We had a little chat with Lisa Ella, to find out a little more about the artist herself, and what shes been up to.

Hi Lisa, can you start by telling us how you would describe your music?

(I would say) R&B with a hint of Reggae.

 You write your own music, what or who inspires you to write your lyrics?

 My lyrics all come from either my own life experiences, or  my friends or family lives.

 You are classically trained, where did you train?

At school & College i had vocal training once a week ,  over the years I took my exams achieving a Distinction up to Grade Six . The exams were held at different Music Examination boards.

 was your childhood home a musical one?

Definitely, my brother and cousins are all musical in some way or another.

 what kind of music was playing in your house as a child?

Soul , Reggae and Dancehall .

 Do you think hearing that music has had influenced your writing and performing style?

Yeah’ most defiantly,  especially the Dancehall , Reggae influence. I feel so comfortable adding the hint of reggae into my music, and getting down on stage it reminds me of carnival time , I love it .

 Who were your other musical influences growing up?

 Destiny child,  Alison Hinds, Sean Paul, TLC, Lionel Richie, Christina Aguilera, to name a few.

who are your musical influences now?

 They have pretty much stayed the same over the years,  obviously there are a lot of great up & coming and current artist that I look up to, and respect, such as, Jessie J, Edd Sheeran, Beyonce, Michael Buble.

 what has been your biggest moment, so far in your music career?

 It would have to be, hearing my music being played on the Radio for the first time, and  having my first live radio interview , it was so surreal  and a little overwhelming, as crazy as that might sound

What is the best advice ever given to you that you will never forget?

  Always stay grounded and stay true to who you are =) .

 Who gave you that advice?

My Family.

 Who would we find you listening to on your iPod?

  All sorts,  from Katherine Jenkins , Snow Patrol, Kings of Leon, Brick and Lace, to Chicane,  & The Saturdays. i love instrumentals by Ludovico Einaudi, I find his music truly beautiful and moving, I’m listening to him as we speak.

What’s coming up next for you?

 Continue to Perform and promote myself so people can see what I’m about and also just as importantly continue to write and record music.

 Where can your fans see you perform in the near future? 

I’m in the process of organising some more gigs, they (fans) can keep up to date with what’s going on via my  Twitter and Facebook pages.

 So make sure you check out Lisa Ella, I predict big things to come from this beautiful rising star.





 Introducing A New Fresh Innovative Music Group from the UK


  De’ Vide consists of two musicians, Lexi Lex & Barny Holmes.  Lex DJs and MCs around the UK and Europe, and has just finished a summer tour on the Zante club scene. He has written and performed his own hip-hop and R&B music for many years as a solo artist.  Barny is studying fine art at University in Norwich,  has been in various bands and projects and is currently in a number of bands with genres ranging from, Funk & Acoustic to Heavy Rock.  The two met in 2010, and after hearing each others talent,  they decided to fuse their individual sounds into one unique style, a fusion of Hip-Hop-Indie-Soul.

From then De’ Vide was born.

 I would describe their sound as a ‘crisp fusion of Hip-hop, R&B, Indie and Soul with an acoustic Funk edge .

Their live show is one to see, Barney’s guitar talent and vocals are outstanding, and the crowd pleasing talents,and clever lyrics of Lexi Lex are second to none.

De’Vide have gained an amazing amount of support in quite a short time,and are already doing things big.

 In February 2011 they came an amazing second place in the Choice FM competition to support Ne-yo & Trey songz at the o2 arena. with only a tiny percentage of votes behind the winner.  In October 2011 they were interviewed and featured on BBC Radio 1Xtra, their track “To & Fro” was selected as the Homegrown Download of the week and placed on the 1Xtra Itunes podcast

 Right now  they’re working on an EP with music producer Jammy, whose work is fast attracting the attention of big artists and labels from all over the globe.

Follow De’Vide on Twitter  /// follow De’Vide on YouTube

Fresh from their BBC Radio 1Xtra debut this month,

 De’ Vide – Vocalist/Guitarist – Barny Holmes and Rapper – Lexi Lex, will be performimg live at venues around the country.

De’Videwill be performing in the Upstairs Lounge at Tao  Norwich for Decorus Wednesdays!

 De’Vide will also be performing live at CONCRETE, Shoreditch LONDON E1   November 18th 2011 at 8pm.