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Cash strapped Britain has proved itself selfish, in a recent survey, showing that when it comes to food, we are just not sharing.

We may be in the middle of a recession, but a new survey* has revealed that us Brits are as self-serving as ever, with one in ten admitting to becoming more selfish since the downturn first bit five years ago.

The study found that almost one in five Brits are more concerned with looking after number one when it comes to their eating habits in particular. Nearly a quarter of those surveyed confessed to never sharing food with friends or family members, with more than a third blaming this on ever-soaring food prices.   Those aged 18-24 were found to be the worst culprits when it comes to putting themselves first – one in ten admitted to always nabbing the larger piece when sharing food, with a small percentage even going to extreme lengths such as eating in private to avoid sharing in the first place.

Nevertheless, Fudges, who commissioned the research exposing the belt-tightening traits of modern Britain, is backing the camp of Brits who remain steadfast in their generosity, and claim to still share food at least once a week despite the tightening grip of the recession. The Dorset-based biscuit makers is launching a campaign designed to encourage even the most miserable amongst us to spend more time with friends and family by breaking a biccie.

The Managing Director of Fudges says, “I always think of Britain as a nation of sharers so it’s surprising to think that the reality is we’re just getting more selfish.”

This survey is showing us that not only is the current economic situation, taking its toll on all of our finances, but our social lives too, is it not time to come together, dust off those dinner party plates, get together with your friends and family, bring back good old family sunday lunches, or treating your loved ones to a social evening of food, conversation and laughter.

This Summer is full of things to celebrate with the Jubilee, and the London 2012 Olympics, let’s get together as a nation, share our food and bring Britain back to a happier more social time.


*Research commissioned on behalf of Fudges by OnePoll (March 2012) 2,000 UK adults

children’s communication charity I CAN has warned that communication with our children is suffering due to parents having to work longer hours to make ends meet in the current economic climate.

The recession has almost three-quarters of uk parents to take on extra work to make ends meet, according to a survey carried out by the charity, 55% of those parents questions admitted that they spent less quality time with their children due to work commitments.  Most parents understand the importance of regular quality conversation with their children, bit 19% said they were so too tired after working extra hours to commit to it, and a massive 35% said they just didn’t have time for it.

 Kate Freeman, I CAN Communication Advisor, said, “Parents want the best for their children and are well-informed about how important it is to chat with children in order to nurture their communication skills. They’re aware of the key milestones at the different ages and stages of development – but their best efforts are being hampered by the recession’s impact on their working hours”.
“We’re concerned at the knock-on effect on young children who need verbal interaction to build their own speaking and understanding skills, especially in the early years. Without these skills they may start school with a lower level of language than expected at their age. The good news is that making time for chat and rhyme will help get children ‘communication fit’ and ready for school”.

To reassure parents  that there are quick and simple ways to help their child’s communication, I CAN have  put together 10 tips on building talking and singing into a busy day for more information visit