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Introducing new singer song writer, Lisa Ella.


Lisa Ella is a young fresh singer ,songwriter, who hails from Manchester, and we think she is a promising new talent, working hard to get her name and sound out there for you all to hear. Lisa Ella has had some radio play at Silk fm is featured in up and coming artists lists, and has a string of successful performances to her credit, and is making a name for herself in local circles.

The song writer soaks her R&B music with the Caribbean influence of her Bajan heritage, and it makes for a unique sound. Her singles  One Life, and Way Too Loud are a perfect example of that.

We had a little chat with Lisa Ella, to find out a little more about the artist herself, and what shes been up to.

Hi Lisa, can you start by telling us how you would describe your music?

(I would say) R&B with a hint of Reggae.

 You write your own music, what or who inspires you to write your lyrics?

 My lyrics all come from either my own life experiences, or  my friends or family lives.

 You are classically trained, where did you train?

At school & College i had vocal training once a week ,  over the years I took my exams achieving a Distinction up to Grade Six . The exams were held at different Music Examination boards.

 was your childhood home a musical one?

Definitely, my brother and cousins are all musical in some way or another.

 what kind of music was playing in your house as a child?

Soul , Reggae and Dancehall .

 Do you think hearing that music has had influenced your writing and performing style?

Yeah’ most defiantly,  especially the Dancehall , Reggae influence. I feel so comfortable adding the hint of reggae into my music, and getting down on stage it reminds me of carnival time , I love it .

 Who were your other musical influences growing up?

 Destiny child,  Alison Hinds, Sean Paul, TLC, Lionel Richie, Christina Aguilera, to name a few.

who are your musical influences now?

 They have pretty much stayed the same over the years,  obviously there are a lot of great up & coming and current artist that I look up to, and respect, such as, Jessie J, Edd Sheeran, Beyonce, Michael Buble.

 what has been your biggest moment, so far in your music career?

 It would have to be, hearing my music being played on the Radio for the first time, and  having my first live radio interview , it was so surreal  and a little overwhelming, as crazy as that might sound

What is the best advice ever given to you that you will never forget?

  Always stay grounded and stay true to who you are =) .

 Who gave you that advice?

My Family.

 Who would we find you listening to on your iPod?

  All sorts,  from Katherine Jenkins , Snow Patrol, Kings of Leon, Brick and Lace, to Chicane,  & The Saturdays. i love instrumentals by Ludovico Einaudi, I find his music truly beautiful and moving, I’m listening to him as we speak.

What’s coming up next for you?

 Continue to Perform and promote myself so people can see what I’m about and also just as importantly continue to write and record music.

 Where can your fans see you perform in the near future? 

I’m in the process of organising some more gigs, they (fans) can keep up to date with what’s going on via my  Twitter and Facebook pages.

 So make sure you check out Lisa Ella, I predict big things to come from this beautiful rising star.