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Fruit and vegatable detox, wash away that Easter chocolate feast.

In the modern world, many of us we live hectic lives, many of us are  eating on the go, fitting our busy lives around a busy work schedule, especially working mums who have even less time than  most of us. Not to mention all the chocolate many of us have consumed over the Easter weekend.

It’s fair to say that if your life is that busy, you are probably not always eating the right foods, it is highly likely that you are eating high sugar foods to keep those energy levels up, quick to eat foods, and probably a takeaway or two, and as much as these foods keep you going during in the day, those sugars can wear off quite suddenly leaving you feeling down and exhausted.  Eating on the go can make you bloated and  cause indigestion and stomach cramps. Now I understand it isn’t always possible to completely change your eating habits overnight, but here I’ve discovered the most amazing way to repair your body in a short-lived 1 to 3 day detox, and there’s none of those fancy and expensive supplements, it is purely a fruit and vegetable detox and it really does work,.  Doing  it for just one day,  will make a difference, and you will feel the benefits. eating just fruit, and vegetables and water for 24 hours, will help clean out all of the toxins from inside your body , right down to your skin, leaving it looking fresher, feeling cleaner, and eyes looking brighter. if you have time over a weekend to manage keeping to your detox for a couple of days the benefits are enormous.



This is why this is a Detox and not a Diet.

freshly made fruit juices, using a juicer of just a low-priced hand blender, ta amazing, and the vitamin and mineral goodness you get from eating fresh carrots, pease, broccoli runner beans and celery type foods, are just amazing.ste amazing, and  . Fresh fruit juices naturally eliminate of toxins as well as supply vitamins, minerals and nutrients to strengthen your health.

The major benefits of a fruit and vegetable detox  

• Increased energy

• Increased metabolic rate

• Reduced cellulite and bloating

it is however important that

  • Pregnant or nursing women or children shouldn’t try a juice fast.
  • People with diabetes, low blood sugar, eating disorders, kidney disease, liver disease, malnutrition, , epilepsy, or other chronic conditions shouldn’t try a juice Detox before consulting with your doctor first.
  • A juice fast typically lasts for one to three days.
  • A fruit and vegetable  detox is a quick and healthy way to cleanse the body and lose weight. Fruits and vegetables are perfect foods, and eating a variety of them each day, instead of eating processed foods or other foods, will quickly rejuvenate your digestive system.

So next stop is your local green grocers, stock up on some tasty fruit and vegetables and give it a try this week.