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Bobby Brown has married again.

R&B singer Bobby Brown, has married his fiancé Alicia Etheridge.  The ceremony took place in Hawaii, on June 18th.   Brown’s son Bobby jr, was at the ceremony, and  posted a picture of the couple and their guests on to his instagram.

Brown was famously married to the late Whitney Houston, one of the biggest singing stars of our time, who sadly lost her life, after battling cocaine addiction for many years throughout her marriage to Brown . The newlyweds have a son together  Cassius, who was born in May 2009.  Brown’s older children, Landon, 23, and La’Princia, 22, were also in attendance for the nuptials.

However, Brown’s daughter with Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina Brown, is said not to have attended the wedding and, the pair are reported to not be on good terms. Bobbi Kristina, is currently in new york filming for her up and coming reality series.

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg is Married!

In a surprise ceremony, Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg married his longtime girlfriend, Priscilla Chan in a private wedding ceremony at his magnificent home in Palo Alto California on Saturday.

Zuckerberg announced his nuptials by changing his Facebook status to ‘Married‘ and posting a wedding picture of the happy couple. 

The pair met when they were in college, long before Facebook even existed and it’s thought they have been a couple for around 9 years.  The pair fooled their guests by inviting them to celebrate Priscilla’s recent graduation from Medical school, but instead the guests, reported to be less than 100 people, were seated to witness the marriage of the newly appointed billionaire and the beautiful Dr Priscilla Chan.  The couple had planned the wedding over the past few months, keeping it a massive secret from the world, and their friends. It is thought that Mark helped design Priscilla’s Ruby ring.


In light of the recent news that Kim Kardashian has filed for Divorce from her NBA husband Kris Humphries, it has been widely reported that she is no longer wearing her wedding ring, or her 20.5ct Lorraine Schwartz diamond engagement ring. This got me thinking, what happens to the ring now? Is it OK for a bride to keep her engagement ring, or should it be returned to the groom?


Is an engagement ring a contract between two people. an agreement to marry each other, with the intention of sticking together through the good times, and the bad, in sickness, and in health, and all that other stuff? Or in these modern times has tradition been overtaken by the fact that a diamond ring is merely a gift, with no meaning behind it, and therefore is a woman’s to keep, no matter what happens after the engagement. Of course Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphies did walk down the aisle and marry each other, although it lasted only 72 days before divorce proceedings began, but what if the couple in question doesn’t even make it down the aisle? Crystal Harris received a diamond engagement ring from Playboy owner Hugh Hefner, after she accepted his proposal of marriage, a few days before the nuptials Crystal publicly called off their engagement. Crystal did not return the ring, but instead sold it at Christie’s auction house for a whopping $38,000. Again the question arises, was the diamond a gift therefore hers forever, to do with what she wishes, or was it in fact accepted in agreement of happy ever afters? Or does it morally belong to Mr Hefner and should it have been returned to him.


I guess, the answer to these questions lies within the couples themselves, it is really down to their own values and beliefs. I would be a little saddened if the great traditions of marriage were to disappear all together. But what is your thoughts on this? Leave some comments below let us know what know think.