summer is on its way-apparently- so we had better get our summer wardrobes in order.

MUI MUI spring/summer 2012

The catwalks of London, Paris and New York fashion week, showed as it’s  usual an

MULBERRY spring/summer 2012

eclectic array of fashions, from a collection of designers, but a few trends are shining out already, and are definitely being translated into the high street stores.

Lace fabrics, and single prints grand enough to use as statement wallpaper are the biggest shout this summer, and this year the catwalks seemed to take us back to the two piece and layered look, so skirts, trousers and blouses, dresses with jackets, and dresses with design separation at the waist.

The lace trend is the biggest of them all this season, and the more intricate the better, Channel, Mui Mui, and Vera Wang all show lace in their collections, and it can now be seen in the hight street stores including at, Zara, H&M, New Look and Next.

single prints were scattered throughout most of the catwalk collections, and bring us a bit of class and glamour to our wardrobes this summer.

GUCCI summer 2012

The Channel and Gucci collections were full of two piece outfits, making the waist a focal point, and again the high street has picked up this trend pretty quick and filled its shelves with blouses, jackets, tailored pants and pencil skirts. So get mix and matching ladies, and you won’t go wrong.




Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has hit the headlines again, this time it’s the speculation that the 25-year-old has had some drastic cosmetic procedures on her face, leaving her barely recognisable.

Lohan, 25, stepped out in New York City with what looked like  plumped-up cheeks and  lips. cosmetic surgeons have said that if it is a cosmetic procedure,is likely to be as a result of having facial fillers. This is not the first speculation of Lindsay undergoing cosmetic procedures, in the past we have seen her breast size increased dramatically, with people assuming she had undergone an augmentation, and in recent years her lips have been looking a little fuller, suggesting that she may have had fillers before.

The change in Lohan’s face has caused a media storm, and it was reported that, because of the transformation Lindsay actually look older than her 25 years, paparazzi had mistaken 67-year-old  80’s pop icon Debbie Harry for Lindsay whilst they were staying in the same hotel.

Lohan has not commented on her new appearance, so we can only speculate as to what has caused it, but there is no mistaking that there is a change. Lindsay stepped out earlier today, and was sporting a new red-head look, going back to her original almost natural hair colour, after being blonde in the recent past.


British-Albanian Singer Rita Ora is making history with her debut music track Hot Right Now featuring DJ Fresh

Rita Ora has exploded on the music scene with so gusto, back in December 2011 when she released her single ‘Hot Right Now’ featuring DJ Fresh, on YouTube,.

The video has had over 10,000,000 views, and was inevitably released for download on iTunes On February 12th 2012

The track went to the top, hitting number 1 chart position here in the UK,  making it the first ever song of the Drum & Base genre to have reached number 1 in the UK.

Rita Ora is recording her album, and is working with huge names, such as WillI.Am, Drake The-Dream and Stargate.

here’s the Video.


Remebering Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

We will always remember where we were, when we heard the tragic and sad news that Whitney Houston had passed away.  The news sent shock waves through the entertainment industry, sparking outcries of grief.  Whitney has been described by so many people over the years as the beautiful woman with the best voice in the world, Oprah Winfrey calling her simply, ‘The Voice’ Her vocal range and the heavenly tone to her voice, has made it immediately recognisable and loved by millions.  Whitney Houston has had many highs and lows in her life, her career success is unprecedented, winning over 400 awards during her singing and acting career, platinum selling albums, sell out concerts worldwide, and a name that is a known in almost every country on the planet. Her relationship, and subsequent marriage to R&B artist Bobby Brown was globally documented. A high-profile wedding, public displays of affection toward each other, fights, court appearances, and regularly documented, battle against drug addiction. The pair had a daughter together, Bobbi-Kristina, in 1993, now 18 years old the young lady was evidently and not surprisingly devastated by the untimely death of her mother, she was even said to have been briefly taken into a rehab and relaxation center. Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel suite, on February 11, it has been reported that she was found in her bath tub. The cause of death is yet to be released. Her death came on the eve of the Grammy Awards, and became the main foocus of the evening, as the shocking news spread. A funeral was held for whitney a few days later.  Whitney’s now ex husband, arrived at the global superstars funeral, but when he demanded to be taken to his daughter, security alledgedly refused to take him near her, and he stormed out of the church before the ceremony even began, causing a media storm.

Whitey has now been laid to rest in Newark, New Jersey, next to her beloved father John Jr., gone but neer forgotten.

Born Whitney Elizabeth Houston, in Newark New Jersey , in 1963, her mother Cici, a gospel singer and her father John, an army serviceman, could neer have imagined what and who they had created. With a plethora of singers amongst her family including Dionne Warwick, her own mother, and her godmother, Darlene Love and life long family friend Aretha Franklin, it wasn’t a great surprise that Whitney was musical, but no one could ever have guessed the impact miss Houston would have on the world of entertainment.

Discovered by Clive Davis, in 1983, after a colleague of his at Arista Records saw her perform with her mother on stage, Davis was so impressed by Whitney’s vocals, and beautiful look, that he immediately offered her a worldwide record contract, and her debut album Whitney Houston, was a global hit.

the rest as they say is history, id be shocked if there was a person on this planet that didn’t know a Whitney song, her tracks are timeless and will stay on the radio waves forever.

Rest In Peace Whitney.



Carl Campbell went from small town boy to one of the most exciting up and coming names in the hair industry, we had a chat to Carl to find out about the man behind the hair.

Carl Campbell

Carl Campbell, is a young über talented hair stylist from the uk , a young man who is without a doubt leaving his mark on the industry right now.   In an exclusive interview with Sataloma News, He tells us how, his journey to success didn’t seem to be written in the stars right from the beginning, but it was definitely meant to be.  His outstanding talent, creativity and hard work, have got him where he is today, but getting into the industry, came from a chance meeting one weekend.

Carl Campbell_From A Boy To A Man

Carl Campbell

Carl Campbell grew up in a small town in Norfolk with his mum and older brother, after finishing school and two years of college studying psychology, law, English literature and business, he decided to spread his wings and move to London, The early days in the capital were far from glamorous, “I moved from  Thetford to London in 2004,  with no real main focus in life, I was living on a friends floor in a hostel for about 6 months”. he says.  “I knew i had to try to look for a place of my own, I’d spent all my savings and it was time to get focused”.  Carl spend a lot of time living in different hostels, trying to get himself on his feet, working in various places, including an Estate agents,  “After 3 months I realised I hated my job, and knew that a corporate position, suited and booted wasnt for me at all. I  found myself in between jobs once again, untill I began working in a United Colors of Benneton store”  he remembers.   “The way i broke into the hair industry was quite random, a stranger approached me in a club one night, and asked me if I’d be interested in doing any hair modelling for the salon he worked with”.

Deciding to go to the salon would turn out to be one of the best decisions, Carl would make in his life, no one could have predicted how sitting in that salon chair, would be the beginning of an amazing journey.  Admiring the creativity of the stylists around him, whilst he sat in that chair having his hair styled,  carl says he realised that this was something he wished he could do.   ” I’d always had a general interest in hair, I always loved playing around, styling my mothers  hair as a youngster”  Carl’s confidence to speak to the manager of that salon, changed his life forever, “I explained to the manager of the salon that I loved what the team were doing, and asked if they had any assistants positions available”.   Carl started working in the salon, and seeing his enthusiasm they gave him the opportunity to train as an apprentice, studying at Croydon college.

It seemed that Carl had found his calling in life. Then things went from good to great,   “My big break in hairdressing came in 2007,”…. I began assisting a lady called Michelle Sultan, who worked in the salon, she started to take me out on a lot of her own private jobs,  I assisted under her, working on photo shoots and music videos with celebrities. we were working with people like Alesha Dixon, & Booty Luv, and I helped Michelle out on the X-factor show”   The amazing thing about Carl is that his success, is down to his hard work , determination, and his confidence to network himself with all the right people.  Over that year,

Kimberly Wyatt

Carl introduced himself , and became familiar with several artist management teams and

Michelle Williams

other creatives in the industry, since then, Carl Campbell has worked with  a huge Celebrity  client list, that includes, Kelly RowlandKeri HilsonSanaa Lathan, Preeya KalidasKimberly WyattCleo Sol, Wynter Gordon, Jamelia, Sisco Gomez, Yasmin, Mz Bratt, and Six-D. Carl has worked on tv shows including, sky 1’s Got To DanceBritain’s Next Top Model, and  So You Think You Can Dance.  His hair styles have been seen on red carpets and magazine covers, and just this week he was working with the beautiful new music artist Rita Ora.

And Finaly_We Asked……

What would you consider your is ultimate goal in your career?

“My ultimate goal in terms of my career I suppose is just to continue with making women feel and look gorgeous. I’d love to be internationally known, respected and to travel to world with my craft”

If you knew it was going to be your last day as a hair stylist, who’s hair would you want to be doing?


who is your biggest inspiration in life?

“My Mother”

Carl Campbell’s natural flair for styling hair stands out from the crowd, and is another perfect example of the amazing talent that can be found within the UK.

To see more of Carl’s portfolio you can visit his Facebook page CARL CAMPBELL HAIR.



A leading Mens Therapist Dr. Phil Tyson has claimed that an increasing number of men are seeking help for eating disorders.

Dr. Tyson says that national statistics estimate that between 10 and 25 per cent of people experiencing eating disorders ae men, Dr. Tyson says that his practice, based in Manchester, is reflecting this statistic.
“We are now seeing 17 and 18-year-old males that are exhibiting the similar cultural pressures that young girls and women have always had: to be ‘beautiful’.”
Dr. Tyson says that men are presenting themselves with a wide range of unhealthy body issues including an addiction to exercise and poor diet, sometimes also coupled with the taking of steroids, in order to try to achieve ‘male beauty’.
Other symptoms can include anorexia and bulimia or bigorexia (also known as reverse anorexia) where a man is showing compulsive obsessive behaviour to continually build his muscles.
“It’s quite evident that there is a lack of professional resources for men suffering from eating disorders in the UK. The exception is the charitable organisation ‘Men Get Eating Disorders Too’ which provides some guidance and signposting and is working hard to raise awareness.
Dr Tyson continues, “However, many professional counsellors and psychotherapists have not been trained to recognise the symptoms and are failing to notice and treat men with eating disorders “Equally, men find it difficult to accept diagnosis and treatment although there’s not much support available particularly in the NHS.”
Dr. Tyson, 44, works as a counsellor and psychotherapist, based in Manchester, and specialises in working with men and couples, particularly in the areas of depression, anxiety disorders, premature ejaculation, sex addiction, bereavement, terminal illness, and health anxiety.
He also writes a blog about men’s well-being and mental health, as well as essays on counselling and related themes.
He is regularly quoted in national magazines and talks on radio about men’s and relationship issues.
Last year, he published his first book “An Ethnographic Study of a Counsellor Training Programme: Person Centred Theory in Action.” about his experiences of training to be a psychotherapist 10 years ago.
He is an Accredited Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).
He has three degrees from the University of Manchester: a 1st class degree in Psychology, a Master of Philosophy in HIV Counselling and Support, and a Ph.D. in Counselling Theory and Counselling Practice.
Dr. Tyson is also a former lecturer in psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University.

If you or anyone you know have concerns relating to any of the issues in this article contact Men Get Eating Disorders Too’ , where there is always somebody to help.

Scary spice Mel B is to appear on UK TV screens in ads for the Jenny Craig weight loss programme.

Mel B joined the JENNY CRAIG Programme in Australia – where the ad campaign originally launched – where she was working as a judge on X-Factor.  Now, Mel has already passed the halfway mark to her goal and there’s no stopping her!
“I am so excited I’ve passed my halfway.  My humps and bumps are still there but they’re a little bit smaller and I’m loving it“ Mel B said.
“Being halfway on my weight loss journey means I’m happier and healthier.  I still don’t get much sleep at night thanks to Madison, but with my new-found energy I’m able to be a better mother.

Mel B is fronting JENNY CRAIG’s latest campaign with huge success, appealing to mothers to invest in themselves.
“Like all mums, I sometimes feel a little guilty taking time out for myself.  But this is about my health.  I think mums are the centre of their universe, so it’s just something I just had to do,” says Mel B.
In true Mel B fashion, she also had a more personal reward for when she finally reached her goal weight.  “I cannot wait until I reach my goal weight – I can, not, WAIT!  I’m gonna get my ‘thong on’!!  Woot Woot!”
Mel B acknowledges JENNY CRAIG’s 30 years experience as leading weight management experts and providing a support system second-to-none with individual consultants and tailored eating plans.
“Let’s face it, it’s really hard to lose weight by yourself…I hate diets – they don’t work, they’re confusing. JENNY CRAIG is not a diet, it’s a healthy eating plan that makes losing weight easy. I get everything figured out for me and I get supported every single week by my own consultant. I get my breakfast, lunch, and dinner already set, already planned, and my snacks. Brilliant!’” said Mel B.

Victoia Secrets Fashion 2012 Fashion Show was re-aired on ChannelE! this week. A collection that is well woth a second look

The celebrity packed audience was seated at the 26th st. Amory in New York, to watch the biggest names in the modelling industry including Alessandro Ambrosio, Mirander Kerr, Adriana Lima and Chanel Iman walk the runway, in the fabulous and sometimes outrageous lingerie and swimwear, and lets not forget to mention the famous Victoria Secrets Angel Wings, which as usual had no expense spared, making new unforgettable wing designs.

As always the models took the runway along side the music acts of the night which this yea included Maroon 5, Kanye West,  and a surprise appearance and performance from Jay-Z,  the Finale bought out Nicki Minaj

The themes this season included Ballet, Super Angels , Passion, Angels Aquatic, I put a spell on you, and Club Pink.




Replenishing our skin and keeping it hydrated is essential, and you don’t need expensive replenishing cream to do so. Water is your miracle skin and body refresher, and here’s how and why.

Approximately 65% of our body is made up of water, it s the main ingredient of all your bodily fluids, but it really won’t take blood sweat and tears, to keep them all replenished.  Drinking throughout the day small amounts but often, is all you need to do, if you keep sipping then you are rehydrating.  Aim to drink at least 4 pints of good clean water a day, but it is important to pace it through the whole day, little and often is the key. It is not advisable to drink large amounts n one, 2 pints is the recommended maximum. And never drink more than 6 pints n a day.

The rewards of drinking water regularly is undeniable,

  • Better general health
  • clear brighter eyes
  • higher energy levels
  • brighter complection
  • reduced amount of spots and blemishes
  • reduction of bloating
  • improves blood flow and circulation

All this happens because water contains essential nutrients, and once consumed it is carried to every cell in your body, at the same time flushing toxins.

Dehydration itself causes stress on your body, and in turn causes further dehydration, so the obvious and simple answer is to keep sipping that water.