It’s  Beard Week 2012 and with a growing popularity among celebrities who wouldn’t want one.

‘It is a man’s duty to attempt to grow a beard at some point in his life. One might say, that to most young men it is the sign of becoming a man. To middle-aged men it is a sign that he is in control of his appearance or perhaps sometimes, a beard is born out of plain laziness.”

These are the words of Ken Picton’s Senior Stylist and Prynhawn Da presenter Daffyd Rhys , here are his top tips to grow and maintain the perfect beard.

Growing Your Beard
 If you’ve made a decision to grow a beard, the most important thing is to be
confident in your decision to grow a beard. Don’t let other people’s
personal opinions change your decision. The best time to start growing a
beard is on holiday or the week before. This will give your beard the chance
to develop enough growth so that when you return to work it will look
substantial. It will take approximately four weeks for your beard to start
to take shape. Please refrain from attempting to shape your beard before 4
weeks, even if you are only going for a goatee or handlebars as this may
result in you shaving off a little too much.
Shaping Your Beard
 Once you have grown your beard to a reasonable thickness and length, it is
time to start the exciting part of finally shaping your beard. The best
place to start is the neckline; using any good neck trimmer from the
high-street, start shaping the neckline at your desired perimeter. Do not
shape the beard at the cheekbones as this will create an unwanted almost
cartoon-like effect. Most good beard trimmers will have a grade setting.
This will be your best friend when trimming your beard. Start short at the
beard line and work your way up to thicker/longer areas.
 Although the skin is covered with hair, you must take care and remember to
look after this area with your chosen cleansing and moisturizing products.
Remember to shampoo your beard. Some shampoos will include exfoliating
beards, such as a Mens Exfoliating Shampoo and this will aid in getting
rid of dead skin cells that are stuck around the root of your hair and that
may cause irritation. Why not also try a Mens Mint Shampoo, which
will invigorate your skin and give a great tingling sensation in the
morning. If you do not normally use a conditioner on your hair it may be
worth applying a small amount on a twice weekly, daily basis as the texture
of your beard may be coarser than that of your hair.

Last but not least, try to set yourself a 6-8 week target. This should stop
you getting tempted to shave it off and will give your beard a chance to
develop to its full potential.’

With a growing popularity amongst many celebrities such as David Beckham, George Clooney and Robert Pattinson, it has never been so on-trend to grow your beard, and wear it proud. With names like these coering their chiseled chins, who wouldn’t want one?
Good luck and happy bearding!