Sataloma News introducing New UK Hip Hop Artist Halo, AKA the H-Bomb.

Halo is a New Uk rapper, working hard at his craft, and the local buzz surrounding him and his music is incredible.  Halo has released a mixtape, Titled NEARLY SO FAR, in the lead up to the release of his first album, a project that he is funding himself. Talking to 27-year-old Halo  he tells us .

“I have quite a few musical influences, mainly Killah Priest, Guru (from Gangstarr), J Sands, Talib Kweli, LL Cool J, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Common and others”

..The list goes on, but Halo has taken to the mic with a style and personality of his own. We spoke to Halo, asking him how the mixtape came to be a project of its own, ”

 The mixtape was mainly off shoots of other projects and random one-off songs I did on the side, while working on my album” talking of his influences he goes on to say……”I Just got influenced by everything around me as I went”.

Hailing from the East of England, Halo has surrounded himself with the cream of the crop of producers, and DJ’s all making a name for themselves in the area, and a dream team is definitely appearing, with collaborations from J Dubble, Lexus (one half of  De’vide) and Remedy on the tape.  On the 6th track of the mixtape ‘Spit Thunder’ Halo’s lyrics claims that the Lord gave him the power to speak and with his words he will Devour the Weak’  We think that this artist will be doing just that. mostly a heavy hip hop sound, with a few lighter track thrown in for good measure, there is something in there for any hip hop lover.

To hear more tracks from Halo’s mixtape visit his soundcloud page http://soundcloud.com/halo-the-h-bombHalo will be performing soon at Trinity Park in Ipswich for more details leave a comment below and we will bring you all the official dates as soon as they are announced

Earlier this year, Halo featured on Sataloma Tv, with another track ‘Give Me Your Love’  here’s the Video


There is a new girl group in town and they go by the name of Empress.


Four young women from the UK, have been chosen after a nationwide search, from Ultimate Music Management.  These ladies clearly stood out from the crowd , against the other hopefuls that auditioned to be part of this exciting new project. Empress are an urban girl group made up of 4 talented singers & dancers. They officially became a group in  may 2012. They are all 18 years-old, hungry for success, and are literally soaked in talent.  The group is made up of Monica, Vee, Desthy and Elys.

In an Exclusive interview with Sataloma News, we find out just what the girls have been up to since coming together as a group,  and find out a bit more about the girls themselves, and the  music they are creating.

Congratulations on becoming Empress, just how excited are you about the future?

M- SO excited it’s all very new and fresh but were literally so excited for the what the future holds for us D-Yes I’m very excited! I mean, this is once in a lifetime opportunity, we have a great management team that’s supporting and helping us throughout the entire journey, its been a great start for the group, I hope this will continue and bring us a great, bright future ahead of us!

So tell us a little bit about yourselves as individuals, ?

I’ am Elyse, I am 18 and I am from Bolton, I’m Persian and a libra. I’m the sort of person who seems shy at first but can’t shut me up once you know me.

I am Monica, im 18, and grew up in  Aylesbury, I am Italian & greek,  and I am a Scorpio. Before Empress I was a solo singer/songwriter and club promoter.

My name is Desthy, everyone calls me Dee. I’m 18, and a Capricorn. I was born in Jakarta, in Indonesia, but now live in Milton Keynes. I started dancing when I was 6, as a  ballroom dancer, but my main passion is really hip hop,  I joined my first class of hip hop at 9 I haven’t stopped dancing & singing since.

Hi,  I’m Veneisha but im known as Vee. I am 18 years old and I’m from London I am a Scorpio, my parents are from Barbados and Jamaica, and im a trained dancer, and studied performing arts.

You are all 18 years old, is music, what you have all, always wanted to do?

M– Yeah its something I have  wanted since I was like 4, I just knew from then, that I wanted to entertain people. The spice girls started it for me.    E-Music has always been a part of my life you only have to look at footage from my “family video camera” , it is  full of tapes of myself, forcing my brother to hold the camera while I wore wigs and pretend to be on MTV.    D-Music is like air to me, sounds a little cheesy but I literally cannot live without it.  My life has always revolved around music, from old-school  RnB and gospel to hip hop, those are my favourite types of music. I started singing when I was 9, I love performing.    V-From the age of five , I was always entering into talent shows, I would always make up dance routines and sing in front of my family. This has been something I wanted from a very young age.

Are you all getting along well?   M-We get on really well, me,  Vee and Desthy hit off straight away in the first auditions, then Elyse came in and completed us. Were like sisters already!   V-Yeah, me Monica and Desthy clicked throughout the audition process, then when we found Elyse it just felt right. We have four very different personalities and we couldn’t have found a better fit.  It’s like a sisterhood already.

Hows music coming along?   M-Its coming along really well, we have worked with different producers, and have even just started working on a garage track with a real summer vibe. E- At the moment were just playing around with sounds to create something totally unique to create Empress’s sound.

Who are your biggest musical influences?     D-Michael Jackson  and Beyonce M-Drake, Rihanna, J-cole, J.lo & of course Beyoncé she is just so talented!  E-I have a huge mixture of influences ranging from rock such as Nirvana and  Queen, Motown music like Aretha Franklin, to current artists, like Beyonce and Rihanna V– Beyonce has always been my main influence. She has inspired me in many ways as a woman and a performer. Also Rihanna, as she’s from Barbados like myself . She’s made it from a small island, to world-wide musical domination.

Can we hear these influences in the music that you are making right now?    D: Our music influences are hip hop and RnB, but we will definitely make a variety of music, try all genres. I think its important to try a few different paths, to see what works. The garage track that we’re working on at the moment is very summery vibe, we tried to bring the 90’ to 2012 with it.  M– We just want our music to be as relatable as possible, we’re young and we want to act as role models , but most of all keep it real.

Empress is a beautiful name, why Empress? 

 EWe love the name Empress because it goes with our saying “strong in mind, rich in unity” as an Empress is a strong and beautiful woman who can be just as powerful as any man (Emperor). We believe that every girl no matter how weak she may be feeling can pull her self together and be a strong Empress because we all have one inside us.

What can we expect from Empress?   E– Lots of personality, good quality music, with powerful motives, catchy songs and big choreography.   D– A ‘Making Empress’ reality show, which follows us on our journey and a video diary which you can find on our website and YouTube channel.  Team Empress all the way!

Life is looking good for the girls of Empress, their amazing work ethic and pure talent should see them make a success of the band, and we for one can’t wait to hear their debut track. To see how the ladies secured their places in the group then watch The making of Empress at www.youtube.com/empressofficialtv and check out their official Website www.empressonline.co.uk





‘Go for what you believe in, Be determined to make yourself a better person… to elevate in life’

‘Go for what you believe in, be determined to make yourself a better person… to elevate in life’,  That is the motto this young R&B artists lives by, and 22 Year-old Fola, takes this with him into the studio, to influence his music, along with the inspirations of artists he grew up listening to, such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Brandy, Usher, and Beyonce.

Fola grew up in South East London, Intent on nothing less than success, Fola has worked hard since the age of 11 to develop his singing and writing abilities, growing in confidence, he took to the stage, performing in many talent competitions and showcases, in front of audiences around London. His first big moment came 2007, when he auditioned for the ITV’s,  XFactor talent competition, and beat thousands of hopefuls, to get through to the boot camp stage of the competition.

Fola has been touring this year with Grammy nominated Joshua Groban, on his Awake UK Tour, performing to thousands, and the response has been phenomenal. Fola’s debut solo track Star was released in 2011, and it’s release attracted the attention of dj’s across the UK, and established Fola with an ever-growing fan base, The track was perfect for the clubs with its Grime/pop sound, edged with an electro sound. Fola’s  new track Living a Lie is produced by DDark a UK producer and shows exactly how smooth this young talent is.  It’s a track from his first solo Mixtape Go.

We caught up with Fola, and had a little chat about his inspirations and wanted to know what is next for this rising star.

  • Fola, I’ve been listening to your new ‘Living a Lie’ track and it’s great, you have an incredible voice, when did you first realize your voice was one that stood out from the crowd?
  • Well I have been singing my whole life, but I think people noticed it more than I did when I got to the ages of 11/12. That was when I started really working on my craft.
  • tell us about the track?
  • The song ‘Living a Lie’, is actually about a relationship where the partner has been living a facade the entire time, and finally, you find out so many lies about that person. It’s like a huge wake up call. I think we have been through that, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a boyfriend, girlfriend scenario, just a general one. 
  • you spent a lot of time over the years entering talent competitions, and showcases, how was that experience, as a young singer trying to make it in the UK?
  • The experience, is definitely something I won’t forget. But being unknown and not having any connections, it was something I felt I had to do, and I feel that it’s a great platform for young talent to be exposed and celebrated. 
  • in 2007 you entered the X factor and got as far as boot camp, how fierce was the competition there ?
  •  The whole x-factor experience and being at boot-camp was FUN!!! I met so many great people and it was such a friendly environment that the competition wasn’t too cut throat. I think the audience and the TV crew make it out like that, but when I was there, we the contestants were so cool. I still talk to a lot of the people who went on it.
  • would you audition again?
  • I am not too sure if I will go back, hopefully my music will take off if everything goes to plan.
  • You are a songwriter as well as a vocalist, what and who inspires you to write?
  • I get inspired by life in general, the things I go through and what I see others. Some things I write are fiction is all in my imaginary world, but I find those topics fun. I love Michael Jackson, Brandy, Usher, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce …. and the names go on.
  • Your track Living a Lie is Produced by UK Producer DDark, how well do you both work together creatively?
  • Me and DDark work so well together. I think it’s because we both want it and our passion and work ethic is really strong. Outside of music we are actually friends so that helps too. In terms of taste we tend to like the same things musically, I think that’s a key to why we click musically.
  • It’s from you Mixtape ‘Go’ are all the tracks just as smooth, or are there some upbeat R&B tracks on there ?
  • Go the mixtape has so many different feels. I am a smooth type of singer, but i consider myself versatile. There are some electronic pop  club type songs there, ballads and some dub-step.
  • what track would we find on your iPod right now
  •  On my iPod right now, you would find,  usher (his new album), Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, A LOT of Brandy, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. I am also into a lot of UK artists like Angel, Loick Essien, Labyrinth, Emelie Sande, Talay Riley and David.B. 
  • where can your fans see you performing next?
  •  You can catch me performing next week Tuesday on the 19th of June at Music is my drug at Brickhouse on Brick Lane.
  • what’s next for Fola?
  • Whats next? I am currently working on a new project. It will be an EP, so I am working hard in the studio writing and recording. Be expecting some more music video’s from the mix-tape

You can download Fola’s Mixtape ‘Go’ at www.officialfola.com

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British Actor Arnold Oceng aka Snakeyman is releasing his new single later this month.

Arnold Oceng

Arnold Oceng, Known as Snakeyman in the music world is releasing his track Soldiers on April 29th 2012

The new track has received great reviews from his fans and peers across the UK, it features Ollie Green. Grime star Ghetts features on the official remix


Award winning Snakeyman, is famed for his roles in the movies Adulthood, Demons never Die and Payback season, an his music career is going from strength to strength.

check out our exclusve interview with Arnold Oceng aka Snakeyman




Introducing a group of musically talented London Lads, also known as Hollywood Tramp.


These boys pride themselves on their fun and fantastic live shows, and have just released their single Copycat, and a gig coming up at the Islington o2 Acadamy later this month.  The bands line up is Steve Dent Sean Colley, Rowan Cox and Phil Swan, we spoke to the lads to see what happens in th world of Hollywood Tramp.


Hi guys, So how do you guys all know each other?

We’ve come together over the years though things like music college way back in 2003, mutual friends and ‘borrowing’ turning to stealing members from our friends bands.

How long have you been together as a band?

•  St_ This line up since August ’08. The last man in Phil (guitar) just naturally changed our sound so much.

To those who haven’t had the pleasure of hearing your music yet, how would you describe your style and sound?

 •S_Mixture of styles Funk/pop. RC_ We really put on a high energy show, whenever there are people dancing we can really feed of their energy.

 Who were you influenced by musically, growing up?

St_We’ve all come together from different places in music like Row used to listen to a lot of Hiphop, and I reggae. Sean was hugely influenced by George Michael. So pretty damn different.

You say that you pride yourselves on your life performances, what can the fans expect at a Hollywood Tramp gig?

S_ we feel we engage the audience, with the mixture of Showmanship and musicianship.

Which music artists would we find on your personal iPod playlists?

St_ actually none of us own iPods…. Frank Turner, FUN, and like everyone in the world right now Ed Sheeran.  S_ Foster the People, Everything Everything, The original Se7en. P_ John Mayer, The Script, Plan B… R_Michael Jackson, RHCP.

So what is next for Hollywood Tramp?

Things are really starting to snowball for us, which is a really great feeling. Festivals for the Summer, Music Video shoot for Copycat, And Hollywood Tramp the movie

You are four London boys, our readers are big supporters of uk talent, what artists make you proud to be from the uk at the moment ?

Adele, Ed Sheeran, and surprisingly were jamming out to Jessie J’s single Domino. St_ Also I think Kasabian are in for a long career, their current ‘Velociraptor!’ album is I think the best in terms of writing since the first album.

What is the ultimate dream for Hollywood Tramp?

We actually already have achieved it by supporting David Hasslehoff on his imaginary tour of east London pubs. However honestly for all of us our dreams would be to play some gigs opening for a band that we respect and have influenced us all so much, like Maroon 5, or the Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Mayer.

Copycat single was released on Feb 29th receiving national radio airplay on BBC Radio 2

For everything Hollywood Tramp, gig dates, tickets and fan information  you can find the Boys on Facebook  and follow them on Twitter and their official website

Kwoklyn Wan talks about the Martial Arts Show Live, Working with his little brother Gok, and his new Movie Role.

Kwoklyn Wan
Kwoklyn Wan, is one of the biggest names in the UK Martial arts scene today, as founder and original host of the very first Martial Arts Festival, and co developer of the biggest Martial Arts Expo in Europe-Martial Arts Show Live -he definitely knows his way  around a dojo.  Wan’s impressive martial arts credentials, and business ventures alongside his business partner Paul Clifton, has definitely kept the hard-working 38-year-old father of two, busy,  he doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.   February this year we saw Kwoklyn Wan on our tv screens along side his ‘Fashion Fix’ younger brother Gok Wan, using  his experience as a bullied child into helping UK teenagers with their confidence issues, in Gok’s Teens on C4 . And now the most exciting news for Wan this year so far, that he has been cast in a british movie alongside some big names, which we couldn’t wait to find out about.
Hi Kwoklyn,
Well where do we start, you seem to have so many strings to your belt, lets start with the Martial arts,
What was your original vision and purpose of the Martial arts festival uk?
In 2008 we attended Leicester’s Riverside Festival, the sun was shining, and everyone was having a great time. I then bumped into some good friends of mine who were performing their Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Arts) as part of the featured entertainment. Everyone loved the movements, the music and the overall feel good feeling of a group of martial artists training and playing together in the glorious sun. From that point on I couldn’t get the idea out of my head about creating a similar event that’s main focus was the diverse world of martial arts but also catered for the non martial artist, and MAF-UK was born. We hunted out suitable locations and finally decided that Parklands in Oadby was the perfect location. It had a huge hall just in case the weather wasn’t that great and loads of outdoor space. We set the date for April 2009 and created the UK’s largest martial arts festival to date.
Did the Festival exceed your expectations?
 Yes it did! We expected around 2,000 visitors as we had marketed the event everywhere. We didn’t quite expect the 10,000 that finally turned up and had a fantastic time.
Will there be a next one?
We have full intentions of re-launching MAF-UK but we have all been kept very busy with its sister show (The Martial Arts Show Live) which was created in 2010 at the NEC in Birmingham. TMAS Live is now in its 3rd year and has become the largest martial arts expo/show in europe. This May will see our biggest show yet incorporating 3 Huge Halls at the NEC on 12th & 13th May with a new addition being launched The MMA Show Live in one of the Halls. We have pretty much every single huge name you can think of from UFC fighters to screen action hero’s.
Your Martial arts company Urban Martial Arts, where can we find you?
Urban Martial Arts is located in Leicester city centre but we do have several franchise schools dotted around (Anstey, Aylestone, Wolverhampton, Welwyn and London) please log onto URBAN MARTIAL ARTS WEBSITE for full details.
Are there any plans to expand and open some new dojo’s?
We are in the process of restructuring the way Urban Martial Art schools are run but this is still A Plan in Action. We do have our eye on several new locations across the UK.
Where does your passion for Martial arts come from?
I guess it’s the crazy Kung Fu films my dad used to let us watch when we were growing up and the now, cult classic tv programs. I remember as a very young child playing “Monkey Magic” with my brother using a painted broom stick as my staff/pole.
You have a working partnership with Paul Clifton, and together you launched the Martial Arts show, tell us a bit about it?
Paul and I had our first meeting after my first event MAF-UK and hit it off pretty much straight away. It was decided then that we should launch a new show at the NEC as the midlands was lacking a first-rate martial arts event based in middle england. Paul being in the publishing industry for years would be the official media partner and I would concentrate on the logistical side of running the show.
How proud of that, are you?
We are both very proud that in less than two years we took a product that did not exist and turned it into the largest most talked about event in the martial arts calendar.
Are there any new Wan/Clifton projects in the pipeline?
We have literally loads of new up and coming projects ranging from Apps, to Film Production and TV. It’s all very exciting though at the same time all very tiring. All I can say is “Watch this Space”
How was it working with your brother on Gok’s Teens “The Naked Truth”? tackling teenage confidence issues ?
 I loved every minute of it, Gok and I are very, very similar (being only 1 year apart in age), we have the same sense of humour, and our values and attitudes are almost identical, so, it was very easy working with him on camera. We were both bullied at school for being Fat & Chinese, so it was very easy for us to really understand the pressure and negative comments that these kid’s were being exposed too. It felt great when off camera the kid’s came up too us and said that we really had made a big difference to their life’s. I know that we shall continue to keep helping other children for the rest of our lives’.
You definitely seemed to put your heart into it, teaching the youngsters to love themselves again, did the teens, teach you anything ?
I guess the teen’s taught me that with the right kind of help and support we really can make a difference. These kid’s want to listen, they want to learn and they do want to be children and not have a care in the world. Gok is a great ambassador for this and I will support him all the way.
It seems that you are part of a very hard-working family, where did you and your siblings get this work ethic from ?
As we grew up, it was very evident that Mum and Dad worked their socks off to give us every thing we ever wanted. It was never thrown back in our face that they worked 7 days a week, nor was it a chore to them, “it was life” and that was that. So hard work is a mind-set, it’s only hard work if you make a fuss about it.
Soar Magazine was quoted saying you could be Leicester’s most successful brothers since David and Richard Attenborough, we think they might be right, what do you think ?
 What a huge accolade! Gok and I have been very fortunate that we have both found jobs that we thoroughly love. Success is measured by three simple but very important factors. FREEDOM, RESPECT and PEACE. Once you have truly worked out what they mean you will have success.
Now, we spotted that you tweeted recently that you have been cast in a movie, how exciting!! what can you tell us about it ?
Yes I can. Bredrin filmworks are currently working on a new film called “The Law of One” it is a mixed martial arts film and has some big names attached (Top Secret). The Director was watching Gok’s Teens and spotted me, a larger than life character and liked what he saw. He contacted me and I sat a very short screen cast audition and was offered the part.
Who is directing the movie ?
The Director is Winston George Ellis who personally has appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp, and Batman Begins.
Who else is going to be in the movie?
My Character plays alongside Andy Beckwith (Film: Snatch) and the lead is Top Secret at the moment but they are HUGE!
When do you start filming?
We start filming in September at Wimbledon Studios London for 6 weeks.
You are another example of amazing success coming from hard work, and doing something you love, what advice would you give our young readers, who have a passion but just do not know how to get started ?
It’s not as hard as you think to get started, you just need to have the confidence to believe in the product you are creating and understand that sometimes if not all the time you will be required to work 7 days a week and for 16/18 hours a day. You will only get out what you put in and remember FREEDOM, RESPECT and PEACE.
Thanks for talking to us Kwoklyn, it’s been a pleasure.

British-Albanian Singer Rita Ora is making history with her debut music track Hot Right Now featuring DJ Fresh

Rita Ora has exploded on the music scene with so gusto, back in December 2011 when she released her single ‘Hot Right Now’ featuring DJ Fresh, on YouTube,.

The video has had over 10,000,000 views, and was inevitably released for download on iTunes On February 12th 2012

The track went to the top, hitting number 1 chart position here in the UK,  making it the first ever song of the Drum & Base genre to have reached number 1 in the UK.

Rita Ora is recording her album, and is working with huge names, such as WillI.Am, Drake The-Dream and Stargate.

here’s the Video.


New Movie Payback Season will be released in cinemas across the country this week, starring a selection of British actors,  Bafta award-winning actor Adam Deacon, Nichola Burley, Leo Gregory, David Ajala, Anna Popplewell and Arnold Oceng amongst them.

Arnold Oceng and Adam Deacon, are reunited with this project after working together before on other projects including the much acclaimed movies Kidulthood, and Adulthood.

Arnold Oceng

Arnold Oceng has been named as ‘one to watch’ for 2012 by Young Voices magazine, his career is going from strength to strength, both in acting and as his music alter ego ‘Snakeyman‘.  We caught up with Arnold for a chat.  He tells us whats it’s like reuniting with his former co-star, about his big plans for the future, and what it means to him to be considered a role model, to young british film lovers.

Hi Arnold, we are looking forward to the release of your new movie Payback Season, (Released Friday March-9th 2012) can you tell our readers a little bit, what the film is about?

Payback season is about one person’s success and how his background comes back to haunt him.

It looks like it was a fun movie to do, what was it like on set with Adam Deacon, David Ajala, and co?

Well as I’m sure your aware, me and Adam have been on many sets together so that was kinda natural. But yeh to be on set with David and Ike for the first time was cool. There’s a lot of waiting round, so a lot of the time was spent doing what boys do… Ideal job eh!

Last year you were nominated for the Screen Nation Awards ‘young rising star’, how does it feel to have your talents recognised and appreciated?

Very nice actually, as a young black actor in the UK,  there aren’t that many platforms for your talent to be recognised, so it’s also appreciated! Since then I’ve been in quite a few things, so hopefully it won’t be the last time and then I can go even further and represent UK talent.

You had an amazing 2011 with some great roles, in films like Top Boy and Demons never Die, how did those films, develop you as an actor?

WOW, that’s a good question! Demons was more of a cameo for me as I knew the producers very well, but to be involved directly with Idris Elba through the project definitely opened my eyes. Playing ‘money man Fem’ in Top Boy was wicked, again it was a whole new team to be a part of and the whole nation got to see me play a new type of character. That accent still gets commented on now!

At Sataloma News we are always searching for good role models for the youth in the uk, we think you are one of those role models, how does it feel knowing that young Britain is looking up to you?

Just humbling really, as an actor you just try to be the best you can on-screen. But that’s just my job. To be recognised as a role model isn’t something I take for granted! I’m glad you feel young Britain is looking up to me as we all know there is a lot of bad things going on that they could be focussing on.

What advice would you give the kids today, who are looking to chase their dreams, just like you have?

To get involved, with all the social networks and government-funded projects that are around us which has been the catalyst for so much creativity and achievement. You can truly be what you want to be if you just get involved, get the ball rolling man!

What kind of acting roles are you looking to do in the future?

Just ones I haven’t done before really, Ive achieved a lot for my age, so if I can diversify now,  hopefully I won’t become too typecast in the future.  If I had to say one though, I’d say ones with authority,  a policeman, doctor or a fireman that sort of character.

You have a music alter ego, Snakeyman, what is happening right now with the music ?

Lots man, My new track ‘Soldiers’ comes out on March 26th and features Ghetts on the remix. After that, next single out in June followed by an EP.

Whats next for Arnold Oceng?

3 films this year and more music. Right now I’m focused on the 3 M’s.    Money, Music and Movies!!


trailer courtesy of Official Payback Season Trailer


Carl Campbell went from small town boy to one of the most exciting up and coming names in the hair industry, we had a chat to Carl to find out about the man behind the hair.

Carl Campbell

Carl Campbell, is a young über talented hair stylist from the uk , a young man who is without a doubt leaving his mark on the industry right now.   In an exclusive interview with Sataloma News, He tells us how, his journey to success didn’t seem to be written in the stars right from the beginning, but it was definitely meant to be.  His outstanding talent, creativity and hard work, have got him where he is today, but getting into the industry, came from a chance meeting one weekend.

Carl Campbell_From A Boy To A Man

Carl Campbell

Carl Campbell grew up in a small town in Norfolk with his mum and older brother, after finishing school and two years of college studying psychology, law, English literature and business, he decided to spread his wings and move to London, The early days in the capital were far from glamorous, “I moved from  Thetford to London in 2004,  with no real main focus in life, I was living on a friends floor in a hostel for about 6 months”. he says.  “I knew i had to try to look for a place of my own, I’d spent all my savings and it was time to get focused”.  Carl spend a lot of time living in different hostels, trying to get himself on his feet, working in various places, including an Estate agents,  “After 3 months I realised I hated my job, and knew that a corporate position, suited and booted wasnt for me at all. I  found myself in between jobs once again, untill I began working in a United Colors of Benneton store”  he remembers.   “The way i broke into the hair industry was quite random, a stranger approached me in a club one night, and asked me if I’d be interested in doing any hair modelling for the salon he worked with”.

Deciding to go to the salon would turn out to be one of the best decisions, Carl would make in his life, no one could have predicted how sitting in that salon chair, would be the beginning of an amazing journey.  Admiring the creativity of the stylists around him, whilst he sat in that chair having his hair styled,  carl says he realised that this was something he wished he could do.   ” I’d always had a general interest in hair, I always loved playing around, styling my mothers  hair as a youngster”  Carl’s confidence to speak to the manager of that salon, changed his life forever, “I explained to the manager of the salon that I loved what the team were doing, and asked if they had any assistants positions available”.   Carl started working in the salon, and seeing his enthusiasm they gave him the opportunity to train as an apprentice, studying at Croydon college.

It seemed that Carl had found his calling in life. Then things went from good to great,   “My big break in hairdressing came in 2007,”…. I began assisting a lady called Michelle Sultan, who worked in the salon, she started to take me out on a lot of her own private jobs,  I assisted under her, working on photo shoots and music videos with celebrities. we were working with people like Alesha Dixon, & Booty Luv, and I helped Michelle out on the X-factor show”   The amazing thing about Carl is that his success, is down to his hard work , determination, and his confidence to network himself with all the right people.  Over that year,

Kimberly Wyatt

Carl introduced himself , and became familiar with several artist management teams and

Michelle Williams

other creatives in the industry, since then, Carl Campbell has worked with  a huge Celebrity  client list, that includes, Kelly RowlandKeri HilsonSanaa Lathan, Preeya KalidasKimberly WyattCleo Sol, Wynter Gordon, Jamelia, Sisco Gomez, Yasmin, Mz Bratt, and Six-D. Carl has worked on tv shows including, sky 1’s Got To DanceBritain’s Next Top Model, and  So You Think You Can Dance.  His hair styles have been seen on red carpets and magazine covers, and just this week he was working with the beautiful new music artist Rita Ora.

And Finaly_We Asked……

What would you consider your is ultimate goal in your career?

“My ultimate goal in terms of my career I suppose is just to continue with making women feel and look gorgeous. I’d love to be internationally known, respected and to travel to world with my craft”

If you knew it was going to be your last day as a hair stylist, who’s hair would you want to be doing?


who is your biggest inspiration in life?

“My Mother”

Carl Campbell’s natural flair for styling hair stands out from the crowd, and is another perfect example of the amazing talent that can be found within the UK.

To see more of Carl’s portfolio you can visit his Facebook page CARL CAMPBELL HAIR.