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It’s  Beard Week 2012 and with a growing popularity among celebrities who wouldn’t want one.

‘It is a man’s duty to attempt to grow a beard at some point in his life. One might say, that to most young men it is the sign of becoming a man. To middle-aged men it is a sign that he is in control of his appearance or perhaps sometimes, a beard is born out of plain laziness.”

These are the words of Ken Picton’s Senior Stylist and Prynhawn Da presenter Daffyd Rhys , here are his top tips to grow and maintain the perfect beard.

Growing Your Beard
 If you’ve made a decision to grow a beard, the most important thing is to be
confident in your decision to grow a beard. Don’t let other people’s
personal opinions change your decision. The best time to start growing a
beard is on holiday or the week before. This will give your beard the chance
to develop enough growth so that when you return to work it will look
substantial. It will take approximately four weeks for your beard to start
to take shape. Please refrain from attempting to shape your beard before 4
weeks, even if you are only going for a goatee or handlebars as this may
result in you shaving off a little too much.
Shaping Your Beard
 Once you have grown your beard to a reasonable thickness and length, it is
time to start the exciting part of finally shaping your beard. The best
place to start is the neckline; using any good neck trimmer from the
high-street, start shaping the neckline at your desired perimeter. Do not
shape the beard at the cheekbones as this will create an unwanted almost
cartoon-like effect. Most good beard trimmers will have a grade setting.
This will be your best friend when trimming your beard. Start short at the
beard line and work your way up to thicker/longer areas.
 Although the skin is covered with hair, you must take care and remember to
look after this area with your chosen cleansing and moisturizing products.
Remember to shampoo your beard. Some shampoos will include exfoliating
beards, such as a Mens Exfoliating Shampoo and this will aid in getting
rid of dead skin cells that are stuck around the root of your hair and that
may cause irritation. Why not also try a Mens Mint Shampoo, which
will invigorate your skin and give a great tingling sensation in the
morning. If you do not normally use a conditioner on your hair it may be
worth applying a small amount on a twice weekly, daily basis as the texture
of your beard may be coarser than that of your hair.

Last but not least, try to set yourself a 6-8 week target. This should stop
you getting tempted to shave it off and will give your beard a chance to
develop to its full potential.’

With a growing popularity amongst many celebrities such as David Beckham, George Clooney and Robert Pattinson, it has never been so on-trend to grow your beard, and wear it proud. With names like these coering their chiseled chins, who wouldn’t want one?
Good luck and happy bearding!

UK consumers react to the budget.

So much for ‘Dave’s Big Society’ as the gap between the rich and poor widens – 8% say that the recession is building a community spirit and a “we’re all in it together attitude” –

52% of consumers agree that division in society between the haves and have-nots is getting wider –

Only 9% feel they will be better off

and 38% are worried about their finances –

58% say that they are negatively affected by the decision not to reduce petrol prices –

54% feel negatively affected by road tax increase –

31% cutting back on charitable donations

UK consumers are feeling more worried about their finances as a result of Wednesday’s budget, with cutting back on charity giving, eating out and turning to the Black Market among the measures they are considering to help ease their financial situation. Restaurants and food outlets will be hit hard, as the most popular cutback is on buying takeaways (41%) followed by eating out (34%). Charities will also lose out as 31% plan to cut back on charitable donations.

However, there is still some optimism in the air as playing the lottery remains a part of life that almost two thirds of UK consumers (59%) are unwilling to give up, while 3% said they will increase their spend on lottery tickets. When thinking about their financial situation and about how they manage their money between pay or pension days, UK consumers appear to be quite a sensible bunch with more than two thirds (69%) saying that they would never be tempted to use high interest payday loans. However, 8% say they are already using these.

More than half (52%) agree that the cuts as outlined in Wednesday’s Budget are creating great divisions in society between the haves and have-nots, with only 8% saying that a silver lining of the recession is that it is building community spirit with a “we’re all in it together” attitude. However, this sentiment increases among lower income earners with 63% thinking it’s causing a divide compared to 47% of middle income earners. When asked to think about their financial situation and whether the Budget will make it harder to stretch their money further, we asked consumers if they would be tempted to buy certain products on the black market, buy fake brands, or go over their duty limit on things like alcohol or cigarettes when travelling back from abroad.

Among smokers, however, there is a greater tendency to search out the black market or stretch the duty limits in order to get alcahol and cigerettes. (49%) also said they planned to cut back on holidays.

“These figures provide interesting insight into the way the general population is feeling as a result of the Budget,” said Marco Scognamiglio, CEO of RAPP UK. “While reports have suggested that some people will be better off, there are large numbers of people who will be worse off or who at least feel they will be worse off. “It is critical to listen to consumer conversations and sentiment following the budget and to respond in relevant ways as the power and influence they can have on brands and society is not to be underestimated.”

 [RAPP Proprietary Research using Toluna. Sample: 500 UK consumers.]

BEST PICTURE The Artist-  War Horse – The Descendants – Moneyball – The Tree of Life – Midnight in Paris – The Help- Hugo – Extremely Loud – and Incredibly Close
BEST DIRECTOR Michel Hazanavicius,  The Artist Alexander Payne,  The Descendants Martin Scorsese,  Hugo Woody Allen,  Midnight in Paris Terrence Malick,  The Tree of Life
BEST ACTOR Demian Bichir, A Better Life George Clooney, The Descendants Jean Dujardin, The Artist Gary Oldman, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Brad Pitt, Moneyball
BEST ACTRESS Glenn Close, Albert Nobbs Viola Davis, The Help Rooney Mara, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Meryl Streep, The Iron Lady Michelle Williams, My Week With Marilyn
BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR Jonah Hill, Moneyball Kenneth Branagh, My Week With Marilyn Max von Sydow, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Nick Nolte, Warrior Christopher Plummer, Beginners
BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS Berenice Bejo, The Artist Jessica Chastain, The Help Melissa McCarthy, Bridesmaids Janet McTeer, Albert Nobbs Octavia Spencer, The Help
BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY The Artist – Bridesmaids – Margin Call – Midnight in Paris  – A Separation
BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY The Descendants – Hugo – The Ides of  March -Moneyball – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
BEST ANIMATED FEATURE A Cat in Paris – Chico & Rita – Kung Fu Panda 2 – Puss in Boots – Rango
BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM A Separation – Footnote – In Darkness – Bullhead – Monsieur Lahzar
BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE Pina – Hell and Back Again-  If A Tree Falls: The Story of the Earth Liberation Front – Paradise Lost 3 – Undefeated
BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY The Artist-  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Hugo – The Tree of Life – War Horse
BEST ORIGINAL SCORE The Adventures of Tintin-  The Artist – Hugo – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – War Horse
BEST ORIGINAL SONG “Man or Muppet” from The Muppets “Real in Rio” from Rio
BEST EDITING The Artist – The Descendants – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Hugo – Moneyball
BEST ART DIRECTION The Artist – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 – Hugo – Midnight in Paris-  War Horse
BEST COSTUME DESIGN Anonymous-  The Artist-  Hugo-  Jane Eyre – W.E.
BEST MAKEUP Albert Nobbs-  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2-  The Iron Lady
BEST VISUAL EFFECTS Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 – Hugo-  Real Steel – Rise of the Planet of the Apes – Transformers: Dark of the Moon
BEST SOUND MIXING The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo-  Moneyball Hugo –  Transformers: Dark of the Moon – War Horse
BEST SOUND EDITING Drive-  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Hugo – Transformers: Dark of the Moon – War Horse
BEST ANIMATED SHORT Dimanche/Sunday – The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore-  La Luna-  A Morning Stroll- Wild Life
BEST LIVE ACTION SHORT Pentecost – Raju-  The Shore – Time Freak  Tuba Atlantic
BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT The Barber of Birmingham: Foot Soldier of the Civil Rights Movement-  God Is the Bigger Elvis-  Incident in New Baghdad-  Saving Face – The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom

Victoia Secrets Fashion 2012 Fashion Show was re-aired on ChannelE! this week. A collection that is well woth a second look

The celebrity packed audience was seated at the 26th st. Amory in New York, to watch the biggest names in the modelling industry including Alessandro Ambrosio, Mirander Kerr, Adriana Lima and Chanel Iman walk the runway, in the fabulous and sometimes outrageous lingerie and swimwear, and lets not forget to mention the famous Victoria Secrets Angel Wings, which as usual had no expense spared, making new unforgettable wing designs.

As always the models took the runway along side the music acts of the night which this yea included Maroon 5, Kanye West,  and a surprise appearance and performance from Jay-Z,  the Finale bought out Nicki Minaj

The themes this season included Ballet, Super Angels , Passion, Angels Aquatic, I put a spell on you, and Club Pink.




Spring trends for 2012 are in full swing on the catwalk and hair shows across the world, but lets not forget our hands, when the sun comes out,  the gloves come off and the sandals go on, ladies, you need our nails to be looking fabulous.

Misa Nail Polish -London - Tokyo - Japan

So what are the trends for this spring and summer when it comes to a coat of polish on your fingernails??

The cosmetics designers for the big fashion houses, have gona all out ths season, bringing us a fresh range of colours.   The main influence for these colours, seems to be, the season of spring itself, Chanel and Dior, developed their nail colours in leafy greens, lilacs, soft pinks and even softer oranges, a perfect solution to having amazing colours on your fingers and toes, but not overdoing it during the day.

Dior and Givenchy, have not forgotten the night owls amongst us, wanting to make an impact, to pair with that fabulous dress or pair of heels on your nights out,. Dior’s, dawn inspired Trio, perfect for just an ocassion, and Givenchy staying true to their classic style and trend, by bringing us the classic poppy red, that is a constant must, always.

Solid block colour is how we are being shown to wear our nail polish this season, so keep the fancy patterns for those special occasions, but the use of two-tone polishes, using colours like dark pink and black together, or leafy green with a darker racing green, creating a modern tiwst on the tidy french polish is a definite yes, for those of you wanting to stand out from the crowd .