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The M5 has reopened, following the crash  that involved 34 vehicles.  Teams have worked tirelessly, to get clear the aftermath, and gather evidence,trying and get some perspective into what caused this tragic accident  that claimed the lives of 7 people, and caused injuries to many more, some of which are life changing.

 Investigators are now looking more closely at the fireworks display that was taking place at the Taunton Rugby Club, just a few hundred yard from the crash site.  Sources at the rugby club has stated  that the display finished at 8.15, it is thought that it is possible that the thick smoke left from the fireworks finale, may have lingered in the air due to the lack of wind that evening, settling down over the road at around 8.30pm. This may have caused restricted vision to motorists. There are also reports of very heavy fog. a full investigation is under way, and police say that they will be thorough and leave no stone unturned in their quest for the answers.

my personal thoughts go out to the families and loved ones of those who tragically lost their lives, and thoughts go out to those still critically injured, and those recovering at home.