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Sataloma News introducing New UK Hip Hop Artist Halo, AKA the H-Bomb.

Halo is a New Uk rapper, working hard at his craft, and the local buzz surrounding him and his music is incredible.  Halo has released a mixtape, Titled NEARLY SO FAR, in the lead up to the release of his first album, a project that he is funding himself. Talking to 27-year-old Halo  he tells us .

“I have quite a few musical influences, mainly Killah Priest, Guru (from Gangstarr), J Sands, Talib Kweli, LL Cool J, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Common and others”

..The list goes on, but Halo has taken to the mic with a style and personality of his own. We spoke to Halo, asking him how the mixtape came to be a project of its own, ”

 The mixtape was mainly off shoots of other projects and random one-off songs I did on the side, while working on my album” talking of his influences he goes on to say……”I Just got influenced by everything around me as I went”.

Hailing from the East of England, Halo has surrounded himself with the cream of the crop of producers, and DJ’s all making a name for themselves in the area, and a dream team is definitely appearing, with collaborations from J Dubble, Lexus (one half of  De’vide) and Remedy on the tape.  On the 6th track of the mixtape ‘Spit Thunder’ Halo’s lyrics claims that the Lord gave him the power to speak and with his words he will Devour the Weak’  We think that this artist will be doing just that. mostly a heavy hip hop sound, with a few lighter track thrown in for good measure, there is something in there for any hip hop lover.

To hear more tracks from Halo’s mixtape visit his soundcloud page will be performing soon at Trinity Park in Ipswich for more details leave a comment below and we will bring you all the official dates as soon as they are announced

Earlier this year, Halo featured on Sataloma Tv, with another track ‘Give Me Your Love’  here’s the Video