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Spring trends for 2012 are in full swing on the catwalk and hair shows across the world, but lets not forget our hands, when the sun comes out,  the gloves come off and the sandals go on, ladies, you need our nails to be looking fabulous.

Misa Nail Polish -London - Tokyo - Japan

So what are the trends for this spring and summer when it comes to a coat of polish on your fingernails??

The cosmetics designers for the big fashion houses, have gona all out ths season, bringing us a fresh range of colours.   The main influence for these colours, seems to be, the season of spring itself, Chanel and Dior, developed their nail colours in leafy greens, lilacs, soft pinks and even softer oranges, a perfect solution to having amazing colours on your fingers and toes, but not overdoing it during the day.

Dior and Givenchy, have not forgotten the night owls amongst us, wanting to make an impact, to pair with that fabulous dress or pair of heels on your nights out,. Dior’s, dawn inspired Trio, perfect for just an ocassion, and Givenchy staying true to their classic style and trend, by bringing us the classic poppy red, that is a constant must, always.

Solid block colour is how we are being shown to wear our nail polish this season, so keep the fancy patterns for those special occasions, but the use of two-tone polishes, using colours like dark pink and black together, or leafy green with a darker racing green, creating a modern tiwst on the tidy french polish is a definite yes, for those of you wanting to stand out from the crowd .