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Replenishing our skin and keeping it hydrated is essential, and you don’t need expensive replenishing cream to do so. Water is your miracle skin and body refresher, and here’s how and why.

Approximately 65% of our body is made up of water, it s the main ingredient of all your bodily fluids, but it really won’t take blood sweat and tears, to keep them all replenished.  Drinking throughout the day small amounts but often, is all you need to do, if you keep sipping then you are rehydrating.  Aim to drink at least 4 pints of good clean water a day, but it is important to pace it through the whole day, little and often is the key. It is not advisable to drink large amounts n one, 2 pints is the recommended maximum. And never drink more than 6 pints n a day.

The rewards of drinking water regularly is undeniable,

  • Better general health
  • clear brighter eyes
  • higher energy levels
  • brighter complection
  • reduced amount of spots and blemishes
  • reduction of bloating
  • improves blood flow and circulation

All this happens because water contains essential nutrients, and once consumed it is carried to every cell in your body, at the same time flushing toxins.

Dehydration itself causes stress on your body, and in turn causes further dehydration, so the obvious and simple answer is to keep sipping that water.