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There is a new girl group in town and they go by the name of Empress.


Four young women from the UK, have been chosen after a nationwide search, from Ultimate Music Management.  These ladies clearly stood out from the crowd , against the other hopefuls that auditioned to be part of this exciting new project. Empress are an urban girl group made up of 4 talented singers & dancers. They officially became a group in  may 2012. They are all 18 years-old, hungry for success, and are literally soaked in talent.  The group is made up of Monica, Vee, Desthy and Elys.

In an Exclusive interview with Sataloma News, we find out just what the girls have been up to since coming together as a group,  and find out a bit more about the girls themselves, and the  music they are creating.

Congratulations on becoming Empress, just how excited are you about the future?

M- SO excited it’s all very new and fresh but were literally so excited for the what the future holds for us D-Yes I’m very excited! I mean, this is once in a lifetime opportunity, we have a great management team that’s supporting and helping us throughout the entire journey, its been a great start for the group, I hope this will continue and bring us a great, bright future ahead of us!

So tell us a little bit about yourselves as individuals, ?

I’ am Elyse, I am 18 and I am from Bolton, I’m Persian and a libra. I’m the sort of person who seems shy at first but can’t shut me up once you know me.

I am Monica, im 18, and grew up in  Aylesbury, I am Italian & greek,  and I am a Scorpio. Before Empress I was a solo singer/songwriter and club promoter.

My name is Desthy, everyone calls me Dee. I’m 18, and a Capricorn. I was born in Jakarta, in Indonesia, but now live in Milton Keynes. I started dancing when I was 6, as a  ballroom dancer, but my main passion is really hip hop,  I joined my first class of hip hop at 9 I haven’t stopped dancing & singing since.

Hi,  I’m Veneisha but im known as Vee. I am 18 years old and I’m from London I am a Scorpio, my parents are from Barbados and Jamaica, and im a trained dancer, and studied performing arts.

You are all 18 years old, is music, what you have all, always wanted to do?

M– Yeah its something I have  wanted since I was like 4, I just knew from then, that I wanted to entertain people. The spice girls started it for me.    E-Music has always been a part of my life you only have to look at footage from my “family video camera” , it is  full of tapes of myself, forcing my brother to hold the camera while I wore wigs and pretend to be on MTV.    D-Music is like air to me, sounds a little cheesy but I literally cannot live without it.  My life has always revolved around music, from old-school  RnB and gospel to hip hop, those are my favourite types of music. I started singing when I was 9, I love performing.    V-From the age of five , I was always entering into talent shows, I would always make up dance routines and sing in front of my family. This has been something I wanted from a very young age.

Are you all getting along well?   M-We get on really well, me,  Vee and Desthy hit off straight away in the first auditions, then Elyse came in and completed us. Were like sisters already!   V-Yeah, me Monica and Desthy clicked throughout the audition process, then when we found Elyse it just felt right. We have four very different personalities and we couldn’t have found a better fit.  It’s like a sisterhood already.

Hows music coming along?   M-Its coming along really well, we have worked with different producers, and have even just started working on a garage track with a real summer vibe. E- At the moment were just playing around with sounds to create something totally unique to create Empress’s sound.

Who are your biggest musical influences?     D-Michael Jackson  and Beyonce M-Drake, Rihanna, J-cole, J.lo & of course Beyoncé she is just so talented!  E-I have a huge mixture of influences ranging from rock such as Nirvana and  Queen, Motown music like Aretha Franklin, to current artists, like Beyonce and Rihanna V– Beyonce has always been my main influence. She has inspired me in many ways as a woman and a performer. Also Rihanna, as she’s from Barbados like myself . She’s made it from a small island, to world-wide musical domination.

Can we hear these influences in the music that you are making right now?    D: Our music influences are hip hop and RnB, but we will definitely make a variety of music, try all genres. I think its important to try a few different paths, to see what works. The garage track that we’re working on at the moment is very summery vibe, we tried to bring the 90’ to 2012 with it.  M– We just want our music to be as relatable as possible, we’re young and we want to act as role models , but most of all keep it real.

Empress is a beautiful name, why Empress? 

 EWe love the name Empress because it goes with our saying “strong in mind, rich in unity” as an Empress is a strong and beautiful woman who can be just as powerful as any man (Emperor). We believe that every girl no matter how weak she may be feeling can pull her self together and be a strong Empress because we all have one inside us.

What can we expect from Empress?   E– Lots of personality, good quality music, with powerful motives, catchy songs and big choreography.   D– A ‘Making Empress’ reality show, which follows us on our journey and a video diary which you can find on our website and YouTube channel.  Team Empress all the way!

Life is looking good for the girls of Empress, their amazing work ethic and pure talent should see them make a success of the band, and we for one can’t wait to hear their debut track. To see how the ladies secured their places in the group then watch The making of Empress at and check out their official Website





Women are misdiagnosing themselves on the internet .

photo by T.Dilger

One in four British women has misdiagnosed themselves on the internet, a study revealed yesterday.   Researchers have found that Dr Google is now the first port of call for women with genuine health concerns, who are almost twice as likely to check online before consulting a doctor or even talking to Mum.   A trend towards trusting the internet over friends, family and medical professionals meant half of the 1,000 women studied would first try to treat an ailment themselves rather than risk embarrassment or the inconvenience of waiting times for GP appointments.

But searching their symptoms online and self-medicating has led a tenth of the country’s women to endure unpleasant side effects as a result of their misdiagnosis.   The research, which was commissioned by feminine health brand Balance Activ, found a quarter of British women will trust the internet for advice on treatments if they find their symptoms embarrassing.   Penny McCormick, spokesperson for Balance Activ said yesterday: ”There is an increasing trend towards using the internet to diagnose any irregularities or worries we have about our bodies.   ”The web gives us a wealth of information that can be useful in reducing our worries until we’re able to gain proper advice from a medical authority if it’s needed, but the results show how easy it is to make mistakes when diagnosing ourselves.   ”It’s important we learn which information to trust online and that we’re able to make the distinction between what can be self-diagnosed and easily treated, and what definitely requires the help of a medical professional. What can seem like a relatively harmless but embarrassing symptom could develop into something more serious so it is important for women to ensure they are asking the right questions and treating certain conditions effectively in the first instance.”

The report also found despite having diagnosed themselves online and decided on a high street treatment, 45 per cent never they are buying the right thing with a pharmacist or counter staff.   The agonising wait for answers is what drives thirty per cent of women to look for help online, which is a growing factor of the ‘instant’ life we all live in these days,  while one in ten hesitate to tell friends or family of any health problems because they don’t want the issue to be ‘made into a fuss’.

Tellingly, three-quarters of the 1,000 women surveyed from all ages and all walks of life, said there are certain health issues they aren’t comfortable talking to friends and family about.   Indeed, women are more likely to trust their own diagnosis when embarrassed by their symptoms – half of the study would always try to deal with the problem themselves before seeking help from others.   Over a quarter of respondents dread talking to doctors about anything they are embarrassed about.   Most women had spent a few days worrying over symptoms before speaking to anyone.   Because of waiting times, thirty per cent only visit the doctor as a last resort, while half of the women studied said they would always try all they can to cure themselves and only seek medical advice if the problem didn’t go away.

So ladies, if you are worried about any health problems, embarrassed by a certain symptom, or feel like you just don’t have time to visit your GP, find time.  It is so important for us all to stay healthy, and be dianosed correctly, at anytime that we find our health any less that 100%, and of course recieve the correct treatment.


Beyonce has today launched her new Tumblr page, sharing with the world some her most private moments, with her husband, family and baby bump, and reveals the mystery behind her baby name Blue Ivy Carter.

Beyonce Knowles , has posted a video of herself in a small white Bikini, looking very pregnant, quashing any rumours, that she was faking her pregnancy, and using a surrogate. In the Video she reveals the origin of the name of her first-born child.

This s a very rare insight into the private life of superstar singer Beyonce, the other members of her girl group, Destiny’s child, and  her husband Jay-z, special moments shared with her sister Solange Knowles and her nephew Daniel Juelz Smith Jr.  The pictures are an eclectic selection of times in her life, from staying at luxury locations around the world, with clearly idyllic backdrops, fun moments during photo shoots, and times of reflection, no make up no entourage, just B.



The Original Sugarbabes line-up have landed themselves a £1million Record Deal

We all know the troubles that have surrounded the Sugarbabes over the years, tiffs and tantrums, girls leaving and being replaced, accusations of bullying and ego struggles to mention a few, resulting in more line up changes than we like to remember. What we recognise as the Sugarbabes now is very different to what it looked like in the beginning,

The original line up of the Sugarbabes Mutya Buena, Siobhan Donaghy and Keisha Buchanan (incase you didn’t remember) have reunited and have just signed a record deal with Polydore records, their unique sound shot them to the top of the charts with their debut single Overload back in  1998. they enjoyed enormous success.  Siobhan Donaghy was the first member of the band to leave she was swiftly replaced by Liverpudlian new comer Heidi  Range.

The Sugarbabes name unfortunately belongs to the record company that have a deal with the current band, which consists of Heidi Range, Amelle Berrabah, and newest member Jade Ewen, so the girls won’t be able to snatch their name back, but something tells me they aren’t going to be upset about leaving that name behind them.

We will wait with bated breath, for word on the new name for the old band, and this is probably a good time  for them to remember the old saying,

 ” if it aint broke then don’t fix it”

The current line up of the Sugarbabes, have shelved plans for their next album, maybe due to fans not clicking with the current line up like they have with previous line ups, and not appreciating the group acting like a football team in transfer season, swapping and changing members, so regularly.  Although lots of bands have changed the odd member, including Oasis, Guns n Roses, Heavy rock band Slip Knot, even SuperGirl group Destiny’s Child lost two of its orginal members, it is unheard of, for a group to change it’s entire line up.

Good Luck Girls, we cant wait to hear the new Tracks.

Beyonce has spoken publicly about her new baby girl for the first time in an interview for Star Magazine.

The superstar singer talks about her feeling when the tot –Blue Ivy Carter– was born, how her husband Jay-z feels about his new born daughter, and she opens up about the security controversy surrounding their time at the hospital.

she told star magazine  “We are all great, we are just glad to be going home and starting this new  stage of our life. The hospital staff have all been so great, but we  were ready to go home and show our beautiful daughter where she will be  living.”
Beyonce admitted that it was “tight”, but that was for the safety of their daughter – there were many complaints from other parents were alledgedly kept waiting to see  their new born babies, as the security did not permit them to enter parts of the hospital, where their children were.

Beyonce insists that the new addition to her and Jay-z’s family will not be spoilt, with material things. “We are in a situation where we can give our child possessions, but the richest of children have a loving family and a place they can call home, ..”If a child has a loving family who cares for them, nurtures them, loves them and guides them through life, then they have everything they need. Plenty of rich kids are crying out for love, that’s all children really crave.”

Beyonce and Jay-Z finally saw the arrival of their baby girl at the weekend in New York.

Their new arrival is thought to be named Blue Ivy Carter.  Celebrities have been tweeting their congratulations to the couple, since the weekend,  Beyoncé’s sister Solange Knowles tweeted that Beyoncé’s new baby was ‘the most beautiful baby girl’.

Congratulations Beyonce and Jay-Z

Beyoncé may be moments away from giving birth to her first child. 

The star’s mother Tina Knowles, 57, sister Solange Knowles, 25, and nephew Julez have arrived in New York City and the
Nurses at New York’s St Luke’s Roosevelt hospital have allegedly been told to prepare the labour suite for the arrival of a celebrity VIP.

Are we moments away from the arrival of Jay-z junior.

We will keep you posted.

Beyonce shows off her baby bump

Introducing new singer song writer, Lisa Ella.


Lisa Ella is a young fresh singer ,songwriter, who hails from Manchester, and we think she is a promising new talent, working hard to get her name and sound out there for you all to hear. Lisa Ella has had some radio play at Silk fm is featured in up and coming artists lists, and has a string of successful performances to her credit, and is making a name for herself in local circles.

The song writer soaks her R&B music with the Caribbean influence of her Bajan heritage, and it makes for a unique sound. Her singles  One Life, and Way Too Loud are a perfect example of that.

We had a little chat with Lisa Ella, to find out a little more about the artist herself, and what shes been up to.

Hi Lisa, can you start by telling us how you would describe your music?

(I would say) R&B with a hint of Reggae.

 You write your own music, what or who inspires you to write your lyrics?

 My lyrics all come from either my own life experiences, or  my friends or family lives.

 You are classically trained, where did you train?

At school & College i had vocal training once a week ,  over the years I took my exams achieving a Distinction up to Grade Six . The exams were held at different Music Examination boards.

 was your childhood home a musical one?

Definitely, my brother and cousins are all musical in some way or another.

 what kind of music was playing in your house as a child?

Soul , Reggae and Dancehall .

 Do you think hearing that music has had influenced your writing and performing style?

Yeah’ most defiantly,  especially the Dancehall , Reggae influence. I feel so comfortable adding the hint of reggae into my music, and getting down on stage it reminds me of carnival time , I love it .

 Who were your other musical influences growing up?

 Destiny child,  Alison Hinds, Sean Paul, TLC, Lionel Richie, Christina Aguilera, to name a few.

who are your musical influences now?

 They have pretty much stayed the same over the years,  obviously there are a lot of great up & coming and current artist that I look up to, and respect, such as, Jessie J, Edd Sheeran, Beyonce, Michael Buble.

 what has been your biggest moment, so far in your music career?

 It would have to be, hearing my music being played on the Radio for the first time, and  having my first live radio interview , it was so surreal  and a little overwhelming, as crazy as that might sound

What is the best advice ever given to you that you will never forget?

  Always stay grounded and stay true to who you are =) .

 Who gave you that advice?

My Family.

 Who would we find you listening to on your iPod?

  All sorts,  from Katherine Jenkins , Snow Patrol, Kings of Leon, Brick and Lace, to Chicane,  & The Saturdays. i love instrumentals by Ludovico Einaudi, I find his music truly beautiful and moving, I’m listening to him as we speak.

What’s coming up next for you?

 Continue to Perform and promote myself so people can see what I’m about and also just as importantly continue to write and record music.

 Where can your fans see you perform in the near future? 

I’m in the process of organising some more gigs, they (fans) can keep up to date with what’s going on via my  Twitter and Facebook pages.

 So make sure you check out Lisa Ella, I predict big things to come from this beautiful rising star.





Beyonce proudly shows off her baby bump in between takes, while making the video for her latest single’Countdown’.

Beyonce’s latest single ‘Countdown‘  is an energetic fun-filled track, and im sure most of you have seen the video, as she dances around in her usual revealing outfits, it is hard to believe that Beyonce was actually 6 months pregnant, while making it.

Beyonce used some very clever outfits and choreography to hide her ever-growing baby bump, but here is a video showing a very excited mum to be , proudly showing off her baby bump in between scenes, slamming rumours, that her pregnancy is fake.


YouTube Preview Image

Singer Beyonce and her Rap star husband Jay-Z are expecting the arrival of their first child, –rumoured to be a girl, after former Destiny’s Child band mate  Kelly Rowland, accidentally let it slip in an interview last month-in December.